Yesterday’s Manifestos and the Nigerian Politician Today

Yesterday’s Manifestos and the Nigerian Politician Today

By Emmanuel Chiedu

According to,” a manifesto is a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives or motives, as one issued by a government, sovereign or organization.” Manifestos are used commonly by politicians in many parts of the world and Nigeria is no exception. However it has been bastardized.

While a manifesto can be easily described as a “working document”, it is worthy to note that many selfish and rascal politicians have abused it, they’ve turned it into loud drums of lies. Sometimes the kinds of things electorates find in a manifesto are either exaggerated or fictitious. It is written to blow the minds of the electorates and most of the time it gets lost in transit after elections are won. If you are still doubting, then try studying President Muhammadu Buhari’s manifesto before he won in 2015.

This article by no means intends to undermine the importance of a manifesto during an election, but to illuminate on the intentions of selfish and rascal politicians who have continually abused it. Delegates, voters and electorates must choose candidates based on trust, integrity and honesty; else past mistakes will be made where we all fell for lofty manifestos.

In an age where people are more informed because news travels fast, it is important that the right questions are asked. Not questions like “what will you do for us if you win?” No! But questions like “Is this person the right candidate?”

The people of this country deserve candidates who have morals to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right, a person whose number one mindset is to promote the interest of the people who he represents. Manifestos are good, but it is time we start picking candidates based on track record. Not words written in paper simply to buy votes.

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