Donald Trump wins Poll Against US Media

Donald Trump wins Poll Against US Media

United States President, Donald Trump has had a running battle with most of the mainstream media in his country that he calls ‘Fake News Media’. The mainstream media in turn have sought to lampoon him at every opportunity, leading media outfits like CNN, New York Times, NBC and the Washington Post all taking a clearly anti-Trump stance while Fox seems to be more inclined to Trump as a conservative mouthpiece.

So, how do we decide who people think is more reliable with the information they provide? Why not just ask them in a poll — this is exactly what the Spectator Index has done.

Let us have a look at their Twitter poll and result next:

62% of respondents said they have confidence in Donald Trump while only 38% said they have confidence in the US mainstream media. 43, 276 people took part in the poll on Twitter. Being a global platform, not only Americans were able to take part in the poll. However, this is a great indication of the enduring support that President Trump continues to have regardless of whatever he says or does and how the mainstream media is losing its credibility with people.

What do you think about this?

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