Suzan Ade Coker of Rant HQ –The Story of Ignorance, Arrogance and Greed?

Suzan Ade Coker of Rant HQ –The Story of Ignorance, Arrogance and Greed?

By Abdulkabir Olatunji

Sequel to the publication of this story, Suzan Ade Coker refunded our money and we received the alert on Friday evening…

I am a co-founder of JARUS & JAN, the startup that owns, Opinions.Ng, and As you can probably imagine, we have our hands full managing these sites. However, this story is not about us but about another ‘Internetpreneur’, Suzan Ade Coker who is the founder and chief Administrator of Rant HQ. A popular Facebook group largely made up of Nigerians which has over 1 million members including me.

Now, Suzan seems to be interested in commercializing the group, which I don’t have a problem with. In fact, it is something I advocate and encourage more people to do –try to create businesses online. So, she posted about her rates for doing adverts on her group with the following post:



Sponsored advert for the next 7days will be 5,000 naira with 3 pictures. 3 pictures n a video is 10,000 naira. #MondayBusiness is still free for adverts.

Make Payment to


AC: 2109887614

Bank: UBA

Inbox me your advert and proof of payment.


Our team discussed the merits and demerits of this kind of advertising and decided to contact Suzan for a trial but with the suggestion of a modification –instead of giving us three pictures, we will post only one picture and a link to in the body of our advert content would replace the other 2.

I contacted Suzan and pitched our idea to her, she immediately claimed that would cost N15,000. I told her we would not be willing to pay that in all likelihood.

Suzan-Ade-Coker-Rant-HQ-e1538067041914 Suzan Ade Coker of Rant HQ –The Story of Ignorance, Arrogance and Greed?

After more discussions in our team, we decided to do the three-picture-ad. Since we already knew the procedure, we went ahead to pay into her account and contact her like she requested in her promotional post requesting for adverts.

Now, here comes the drama…

Suzan rudely responded that we had inserted a link in our advert. I asked her to identify where because what we had in the content were our phone numbers and email addresses. The others were an image of our website banner that we turned into a sticker, a staff and someone making a presentation.

After using rather uncouth language, she claimed she would refund our money on Monday, September 24, 2018. This dispute arose on Saturday, September 22, 2018, the same day we made payment. Her next action was to block me on Facebook messenger.

Now these are some of the key points in this encounter:

Does Suzan Know the Difference Between a Link or a Banner?

Obviously she does not because how does anyone with proper knowledge of the Internet call a jpeg or png file a link? Even after being told, she insisted on this wrong categorization. My assessment is that it is not a case of not knowing but being blinded by greed. She wanted N15,000 when she had clearly stated N5,000 for 3 pictures.

How Long Does It Take a Decent Person to Do a Bank Transfer of a Refund?

What is even more surprising is that we can forgive Suzan’s ignorance of mixing an image up with a website link. However, what we cannot ignore is her refusal to refund the client as at when due. It is bad enough that you blocked a paying client whose money you are holding claiming you will pay in 2 days. Even worse, 5 days after, you are yet to pay the refund. Even mail from Sambisa to Lagos would in all likelihood have arrived by now. There is little doubt, Suzan has a problem returning people’s money when she willfully refuses to provide a service she advertised. We are optimistic people, maybe before you finish reading this, she would have paid our money.

Can Suzan Really Be Trusted?

We decided to try her out and see how she delivers as an aspiring Internet businessperson. For us, she has failed the test woefully in flying colours. We advise the public to be very vigilant and aware about handing over money to Suzan based on our experience. We know she claims to do all kinds of charity but leave that for a moment. How is she as a businesswoman? We leave you to make-up your mind.

For those that might want to become Internet entrepreneurs, we advise you to learn from this story and never be swayed by public appearances of some social media ‘celebrities’ or influencers. Take your time to do due diligence before transacting business with anybody.

We really look forward to Suzan giving the public her side of the story. Thereafter, we can share our chats for the public to get enlightened. We do not just assert, we have proof.

  • Suzan-Ade-Coker-Rant-HQ-e1538067041914 Suzan Ade Coker of Rant HQ –The Story of Ignorance, Arrogance and Greed?
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  1. Ibrahim at 8:48 AM

    That is the problem with most Nigerians internetpreneur, they lack the skills, the grit, the right attitude to do business. They are ill-prepared to scale any business. Their greed comes before service. That is why as a matter of principle, if I meet you online, especially new business I would like to meet you physically first. Most Nigerian youths are greedy. I am always reluctant to go into partnership just with anybody.

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