See 4 Amazing Vehicles that use Solar Power

See 4 Amazing Vehicles that use Solar Power

By: Samuel M. Chinwe

Following the advocacy and vision of the United Nations for a greener environment, many have being working hard to help make it a reality. Due to the fact that a major source of carbon emission are vehicles, many individuals are trying to tackle the problem by inventing cars, planes, boats and other transportation modes like the ones we have compiled in this post to either reduce eliminate carbon emissions…

Impulse II

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Solar Impulse 2 flies over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco at the end of its journey from Hawaii, part of its attempt to circumnavigate the globe. (AP Photo/Noah Berger, File)

On March 2015 Solar Impulse 2 with wing span of 71.9m carrying over 17,000 solar cells on it, began its circumnavigation piloted by two Swiss, André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, covering a total flight time of 558hrs and landed in Abu Dhabi, this breaks a record of the longest solo flight in aviation Just like Piccard said “I hope people will understand that it is not just a first in the history of aviation, but also a first in the history of energy.”. It has since crossed both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans using no fossil fuel and has spent more than 23 days in the air. This can soar up to 29,000 feet through the day and 5,000 feet during the night for the sole purpose of power conservation, flying on a maximum speed of 87 mph.

Tûranor PlanetSolar

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Tûranor PlanetSolar on her circumnaviagation

There are good number of solar boats but the Tûranor PlanetSolar is a captivating one, Tûranor PlanetSolar which took over a year on construction by engineers and other scientists was launched on 31 March 2010, took a circumnavigation from Principality of Monaco On 27 September 2010 and completing her global trip on 4 May 2012 (18 months) in Monaco all with the power of the sun. This set a record of being the first solar powered vehicle to go round the world.

Solar Train

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Byron Bay Railroad Company has set on our rail way a train fully working under the power of the sun, the company’s initial mindset was designing a diesel engine train but later came up the idea of a solar train. The train running on a 77kwh battery with a space capacity of 100 passengers made its first trip on December 16 2017. Though not a long one but fulfilling nonetheless, according to manufacturers, every brake it applies saves 25% of spent energy. The train, which is supposed to move on two engines has one replaced with batteries leaving one engine just in case of emergency.

Electric Superbike

main_1200 See 4 Amazing Vehicles that use Solar Power

An illustrative picture of the LS-218(lightning Motorcycles)

Bikes are not left out on this, take for example the lightening superbike from lightening motorcycles being powered by a renewable energy company SMA, this bike has been the world fastest electric powered bike all through the power of the sun, holding the land speed record of about (273-321) km/h  by 2012 but newer designs like LS218 can now go as fast as 218mph equivalent to 350km/h. The bike is charged with solar power through a mobile charging station that features an inverter with a battery capacity ranging below

  • 380V 12 kwh battery pack
    (Range of 100-120 miles per charge)
  • 380V 15 kwh battery pack
    (Range of 120-150 miles per charge)
  • 380V 20 kwh battery pack
    (Range of 160-180 miles per charge)

Truly there can be a brighter future for our climate as there are wonderful ideas on cutting carbon emissions and fulfilling the need for humanity to travel with speed and comfort.


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  • main_1200 See 4 Amazing Vehicles that use Solar Power

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