Ruggedman Allegedly Switches from #EndSARS to #ReformSARS Amidst Controversy

Ruggedman Allegedly Switches from #EndSARS to #ReformSARS Amidst Controversy

Nigerian entertainers tend to have a huge following and influence on social media. Hence, their jumping on the #EndSARS bandwagon gave the campaign a boost. One of the top entertainers pushing the #EndSARS campaign is Ruggedman.

However, he now seems to be working with the police to counter some of the negative perception if we are to go by this tweet from Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP),

The rapper is not happy about this portrayal and took to Instagram to denounce the ACP’s tweet, he wrote:

“Officer @yomishogunle I have heard about how incompetent and dubious you are but this disgraceful act of yours takes the cake.
This baseless and fabricated post of yours just goes to show you are a shameless liar and a disgrace to the @nigeriapoliceforce
Since you obviously do not respect the uniform you wear, the innocent people being brutalised daily i never expected you to respect me.
I see your pathetic comments trying to ridicule people who used to come to you for help and I always thought you were a disgrace to that position.
Now I am certain you are.
Do not ever in your life post anything I never said to you about me or on my behalf.
I would have said you take it down but I know my post will reach more people and it will expose you for the lying, decietful and disrespectful man you are.
NIGERIANS I AM ALL FOR #endsars until the force is reformed and reorientated on how to treat people as the humans they are.”

This controversy is definitely not over and we will be expecting the police’s reaction to this PR effort gone bad.

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