The Place of Beating in Teaching

The Place of Beating in Teaching

A society that arrests and detains the teacher for beating the students will soon have to sleep with both eyes open. The “unbeated” children will form different formidable teams. A team among them will arm themselves with guns and cutlasses and make sure your property is not safe in your house.

Another team will equip themselves with laptops and internet connections and make sure your money is not safe, even in your bank account. Another group will buy mask and machine guns with the money their parents spoilt them with and make sure the sons and daughters of the above-average men are kidnapped and released only when money changes hands.

One of the many groups that have no means of buying masks, guns, laptops and internet connection and other related items, will become an easy tool in the hands of terrorist, who will make sure life is far from being peaceful for all and sundry. A group among them will also drink and drive so that those that escape the above troubles can meet theirs on the road. Another group will make it to leadership positions, so that the trouble, after being doubled will fairly distribute.

Imagine, parents give the teacher the responsibility of teaching, counseling, mentoring, guiding, training and probably moulding their children but they withhold the authority to do that. In managerial science, can a man discharge his responsibility without having the authority to do so? Frederick Taylor, Henri Fayol and co. disagreed.

Parents of nowadays care so much about their children’s skin, they want the skin of their children to be smooth, devoid of any mark from teachers’ cane so that the child will be finer than their neighbor’s child, they do that at the detriment of the child’s character.  They stopped using cane and they are ready to go to any length to stop the teachers also, “I ask you to teach him, I never ask you to beat him for me”, parents of nowadays say, “I will teach him and send him back to you so that you can suffer from the consequence of having an untrained child”, teachers respond.

“Do you want to kill your teacher?” that was what Iya-Wale said after seeing the mark on my palm caused by the cane of my teacher; I was punished again for making my teacher get angry at me. Since then, my teacher became a god whose instructions must be followed to the latter. Today, if your relative died of accident caused by a drunk driver, you can be rest assured that I am not the driver.

Parents of nowadays, after seeing mark of cane on their children will shout at the teacher “Do you want to kill my child?” and make sure the teacher is punished. This is the reason their property is not safe in their houses and even in their bank accounts.

Of what use is a fine child that passed his WAEC and got admitted to the university only to be killed by his cult members just because he/she lacks the requisite training that the fear of cane would have instilled in him. If this happens, the teacher is actually the biggest loser. My dream of having sixty chartered accountants in attendance on my sixtieth birthday will not come to pass if all my students end that way. I pray such will not happen.

The question that may arise is, can’t the teachers correct the students without using cane? The simple answer is YES, we can’t. Research has shown that teachers known for beating are more effective in making the students comply with rules and regulations, than teachers who employed another means of correcting them. And the funniest part is that, as a teacher, you need to beat only one student, to earn the cooperation of others, maybe that’s why the bible says “spare the rod and spoil the child”

Applying Kohlberg theory, teenagers are in the first stage of behavior which is naturally motivated by the fear of being caught and punished. What happens when that punishment that serves as a guide of action is eradicated?

Just like a knife in the kitchen, beating in secondary school is a useful implement, cancelling the use of knife because you have accident with it, won’t only make your job slow, it will also make it difficult. However, teachers are to note that erring students needs love; and punishment should be with love.

My daughter’s teachers, please, beat her whenever she deserves to be beaten; just don’t forget everything you do to her should be with love. I am Mr. BOY, in case you don’t know, I am a teacher.


Mr. BOY, M. Ed, Bsc (Ed), is a teacher in a grammar school, a WAEC examiner with about a decade experience in teaching. He can be reached via or 08077399181     

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  1. Tajudeen Alao at 11:09 AM

    I absolutely agree with you Mr BOY, every child has to be given what they deserve and as at when due. When your student complies with rules and regulations, the teacher should express his love and enthusiasm for the student. However, when a student intentionally failed to comply, appropriate sanction should be given even if it is being caned. This is rule of equality to have better society for all and sundry.

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