JavaScript That Heals Itself: Jscrambler’s Self-Healing JavaScript Tackles Code Tampering Head On

JavaScript That Heals Itself: Jscrambler’s Self-Healing JavaScript Tackles Code Tampering Head On

Thwarts every attempt to tamper with JavaScript code Stops tampering attacks without damaging the user experience Keeps critical systems running even when under attack

Jscrambler, a technology company specializing in JavaScript Application Security and Web Page Monitoring solutions today announces Self-Healing JavaScript – a world first for JavaScript application security.

The latest statistics point out that 97% of modern web sites are running JavaScript, and every single Fortune 500 company uses it to build highly competitive web apps; JavaScript keeps growing as the powerhouse of the Web. However, because JavaScript code can’t be encrypted, it remains exposed so that anyone can access and modify it. This allows malicious actors to reverse-engineer JavaScript code to uncover a company’s proprietary algorithms or bypass licensing agreements. Once again, Jscrambler is tackling this issue head-on with new proprietary technology: Self-Healing JavaScript.

“We are very pleased to introduce Self-Healing JavaScript and to thwart malicious actors head-on. Never before have enterprises put so much critical business logic into JavaScript. As attackers try harder than ever to steal and tamper with a company’s code, the technology we have developed proves once again that Jscramber is at the forefront of JavaScript security.” said Rui Ribeiro, co-founder and CEO of Jscrambler.

Whenever attackers try to tamper with a piece of code, Jscrambler’s Self-Healing technology will automatically restore to its original, clean version. Not only does this thwart any malicious attempts to modify the code, but it also guarantees that the application does not break after tampering attempts – keeping the end-user’s experience unscathed. Self-Healing is a must-have JavaScript protection technology for companies with critical applications where, running tampered code or having the application break, can result in serious damage to the business. Industry sectors such as healthcare or manufacturing rely heavily on JavaScript to build applications and Self-Healing code means greater security, stability and reliability for them.

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