7 Gadgets For Students Who Will Help In Their Studies

7 Gadgets For Students Who Will Help In Their Studies

Smart Pen Neo Smartpen N2

The smart pen Neo SmartPen N2 is a dream come true for a student of the last century. The pen can not only digitize all handwritten notes, but also transcribe the manuscript into electronic text , and the recognition rate is very high and comparable to the person’s recognition rate, especially pleased that Russian is supported. At No Fluff Tech you will find various gadgets for students.

In addition, the Neo SmartPen N2 can make audio notes on top of a letter, in practice it can be used to record a lecture on top of a handwritten recording. Then you can select the fragment of interest and hear what the teacher or you yourself said at that moment.

All records are easily shared, so it is possible almost online to stream groupmates everything that was written by this gadget. The pen is very similar to the ordinary and not dedicated teacher, it is unlikely to guess that you have an unusual pen. This feature of the gadget for savvy students opens up a lot of opportunities, you can read more about them in our separate review on choosing smart pens.

Powerbank Tollcuudda 10,000

The total distribution of gadgets that require charging, inevitably leads to the fact that they are discharged at the most inappropriate moment when there is no outlet or charger on hand. For many, the ideal solution would be a standalone power source; the PowerBank Tollcuudda 10000 is not a bad fit for this role, it’s not quite an easy PowerBank built-in solar panel that allows you to charge anywhere where there is sun .

It also has a couple of interesting features, so Tollcuudda is protected from moisture and dust, shockproof, has two USB connectors for charging gadgets, as well as a flashlight.

Light Alarm Philips HF3505

How difficult it is sometimes after a fun night to wake up to the awful sound of the alarm on your smartphone. What melody you can’t put up with, over time, it becomes a harbinger of hellish agony of awakening and your favorite melody is no longer a favorite, but a vile sound.

In order to make the awakening more pleasant, and most importantly to charge the body with cheerfulness, light alarms and smart systems for sleep were created. One of the brightest representatives of such devices is the Philips HF3505.

It provides the most natural awakening , imitating the sunrise, you can also set various sounds of nature, for example the singing of birds. With the help of this simple gadget, the student will be able to wake up always with the right foot and achieve better results in studies.

Smart Notebook Rocketbook Wave Smart

A real younger brother of a smart pen, a Rocketbook Wave Smart notebook can be considered, he still doesn’t know how to digitally write what he has written himself, but he is seeking this On the notebook there is a special markup that allows you to instantly digitize the notes of the notebook to your smartphone using the camera, where all the entries will be conveniently structured.

Another feature of the notebook is its repeated use , the ink is erased literally in a magical way, for this you need to put the notebook in a microwave and all the records on it evaporate. This can be done up to 5 times.

Birksun Bag – Solar Panel Backpack

Any student needs to store somewhere their educational supplies, whether it be a laptop, tablet or books with notebooks. The ideal solution would be a backpack that provides charging gadgets for study. It has a built-in battery and solar panel. When the backpack gets into the sun, the battery is charging, charging speed is not different from the network. The solar panel and battery are protected from scratches and water resistant, which significantly extends the life of the backpack.

This backpack is suitable not only for study, but also for travel, where there is no possibility to charge the gadget from the network.

Airbar – Touch Control Laptop

An unusual gadget, or rather, an accessory for a laptop, was invented by the AirBar company under the same name Neonode Airbar. With the help of a small strap attached to a laptop, you can turn it into a touchscreen tablet and control objects with your fingers. Power comes from USB, almost without spending the laptop battery power. Supports Windows 8 and 10, MacOS support is expected soon. User feedback suggests that the gadget works very accurately, so there will be no problems with it. The obvious disadvantage is the need to remove each time, put on the panel for use on a laptop.

Pup – Pocket Scanner

This spy gadget is presented by IndieGogo from old movies of the 80s, 90s. Having a compact size to fit in any pocket, it can be used to easily scan printed text, immediately converting it into electronic text. PuP can send scanned information to your mail or social network /messenger, or you can simply save the received information on your smartphone or tablet.

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