Atiku is the Man, PYIN Tells Nigerians, Commend Southeast Leaders

Atiku is the Man, PYIN Tells Nigerians, Commend Southeast Leaders

A support group for the actualization of the 2019 presidential ambition of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Progressive Youths Initiative of Nigeria (PYIN) has called on Nigerians to rally behind the former Vice President in the forthcoming 2019 Presidential elections. In a press statement released to the media in Abuja on Friday, the National Coordinator of the group Odoh Michael noted that Atiku is the right man to get Nigeria out of this present mess created by the APC and Buhari led-government.

“Atiku is a job creator who has created over 50,000 direct jobs and 250,000 indirect jobs, his investments are located all over the country. He is a pan-Nigeria. Nigeria needs a job creator and not a job destroyer”.

Michael also noted that the track record of success both in his personal live and his politically journey makes Atiku stand out.

“Atiku Abubakar is a pan Nigerian and a true democrat who has sacrificed his all for the good of the country. He stood up to his boss in 2007 to fight against the third tern agenda. Atiku has never been afraid to speak against any government that is working against the wish of the people”.

On why a youth group is supporting a candidate who is over 70, the national coordinator noted that it is not about the age but “ about what you can offer as a person……The Nigerian youths needs to form a strategic alliance if they are to rise in the polity. We need a bridge builder who will close the gap between older and younger generation in Nigeria. Atiku has promised 40percent of his cabinet to youths, this is a clear testament to the fact that he believes in the youths.

The group also commended the Igbo leaders who recently endorsed Atiku as the choice of the region. The National coordinator noted that every other region should also join the train as Atiku is the best option for Nigeria at the moment.

“ The show of emotion by Prof Ben Nwabueze when he hugged Atiku in Enugu will remain a landmark scene when the unity of Nigeria is being discussed. That moment showed that by the nomination of Peter Obi as his running mate, Atiku has started by healing the wounds of a divided people unlike Buhari who has used every single day of his presidency to divide Nigerians”.

The group also drew the attention of South Easterners living in the northern part of the country who make up also 5m of the registered voters in the region to a ploy by the APC to use thugs to intimidate them in other to stair a mass exodus of easterners back to the east where they will be unable to vote. The national coordinator of the group called on easterners to remain wherever they are and vote because the security agencies have promised to ensure the safety of all Nigerians during the elections.

Finally, the group commended INEC and security agencies who are working tirelessly to ensure that the 2019 general elections is free and fair. “ We call on Nigerians to support INEC and our security agencies in ensuring that we have credible elections in 2019” the statement concluded.





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