How Zambians Reacted to Chipolopolo’s Loss to Super Eagles in Uyo

How Zambians Reacted to Chipolopolo’s Loss to Super Eagles in Uyo

Nigeria’s Super Eagles defeated the Chipolopolo of Zambia 1-0 in Uyo on Saturday to qualify for the World Cup at the expense of their opponents.

Many Zambians have not taken this defeat well as our research on their comments after the defeat indicates as obtained from the Lusaka Times. Read their comments next:

“Damn ,those Nigerian internet scammers must have used some cheating methods.Nigerians could never have qualified for Russia 2018 cleanly.”

“Now, can anyone help me understand why the Zambian soccer commentators on Supersport seem shy or scared to known to be supporting Chipolopolo- even when their counterparts are so clear about wanting their teams to win ???”

“@1.4 Wenu …. it has angered me so much losing to a Team full of fluffers and hoopers from the English Premier league is so painful at least if those players came Seria A, LALIGA, BUNDASLIGA not EPL. It WILL TAKE ENGLAND ITSELF 200YRS FROM NOW TO WIN THE WORLD CUP, WHAT MORE FOREIGN PLAYERS.

Just see how coaches from top EPL clubs sweat and pant in UEFA Champions league when paired with likes of BARCELONA, BAYERN, MADRID. JUVENTUS, PSG.”

“I blame the PF government, they used all energies discussing corruption allegations. Forgetting that Nigeria, the world best thieves were offering $10,000 to each player just to beat Zambia.

“Hard luck to our boys. You gave all you could but this world is run by shadow governments and the elite. If we had won today the Nigerians would have used all means possible (match fixing included) to beat Algeria. It’s a money game at the end of the day as confirmed by Herve Renard when he told CAF that you could not allow Zambia to go to the world cup coz Zambia is not ****. Sorry if I’ve offended someone.”

“Emotions aside ,clearly the better team won.Even by comparing decades of int’l performances and stats Nigeria clearly stands out as having better experience than chipolopolo.Lets not kid ourselves Zambia -we’re still toddlers in football while Naija is a teenager.”

“Games like that need experienced players you can not drop almost all the experienced players and replace them new ones. You blend them not just dropping them for your own reasons. Don’t be prejudiced give give the older players a chance and slowly phase them out. That was a competitive game that needed the help of the seniors.. players straight from dynamos or Zanaco with no exposure.. the won the last game but I still insist that every game is different… No player is indispensable but please don’t just snub players because you have that power…be humble.”

“Defeat is painful and frustrating to anyone of us…But we must show the spirit of sportmanship…Nigeria has beaten Zambia both in their home and away.This means the Super Eagles are the better team.

Zambia has a good team (zero to zero in the first half of the game), but they met a better team.

Football is not played in the media or in the pages of the newspapers…( The Zambian Coach should note that “pride goes before a fall”)….statements like…I am praying for Nigeria to lose to Cameroun or I am coming to inflict pain on all Nigerians…are beyond a psychological warefare, but plain stupid. Congratulations Super Eagles. May God bless Nigeria and help all the other nations.”

Sorry Zambians better luck next time.

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