Examining the Problem of Youth Drug Addiction in Nigeria

Examining the Problem of Youth Drug Addiction in Nigeria

By Yakubu John Jimoh

The internet space has seen different campaigns on the negative effects of drugs and how the youths are mostly the victims.

Actually, the issue of drug, call it codeine or any substance, has been in circulation.

I want to quickly touch on the causes of drug abuse and high Circulation in our Society.

  1. Poor Parental Upbringing

This is one of the major and root cause of this problem, the parental aspect. A kid from a home where the father is a drug addict and a drunkard, tell me who will correct the child when he sees him with alcohol?

It’s the real thing, So many kids on our streets lack parental mentoring, and many have lost their parents.

  1. Peer Group Pressure

There is this saying: “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. If you have a drug addict as a friend, he/she will influence you to be like them. There are cases like this in my community, you see young people between the ages 13-18 taking drugs as a normal thing, like marijuana, tramadol, codeine and other hard drugs.

When I was 14, I had a friend then who is a drunkard, the guy was 17. He would tell me how he got strength to do a lot of things, he would tell me to take it. He drank alcohol for several reasons.

  1. Emotional Reasons

Some People tell you they take drugs to kill off their emotional problems, they will tell you it helps them to take down their thinking about problems. As a teen educator, I have done a lot research on this, This is the take of many young people who feel weak and vulnerable for example after a breakup or are going through emotional trauma.

  1. Physical Activities

So many young people abuse drugs for farm work, construction work and some couples use it for ‘man power’, it’s a sad thing.

How Can We Curb Drug Abuse in Our Society?

The government needs to do a lot of work which they have been doing with sensitization and publicity on the different dangers of abusing drugs. These drugs are being abused mostly by youths in rural areas, the government needs to make much outreach on this issue and sensitize them.

Parents needs to educate their kids from a young age that they should avoid drugs. The parents need to be watchful too.

The government should do a serious work in closing illegal ‘chemists’ shops we have in Nigeria, we have them in high number in rural areas, they sell Tramadol, codeine and other Hard substance to them.

The schools can do a better job too, by forming anti-drug abuse clubs and teaching young kids of the dangers, I used to take the responsibility while in secondary school. The State Government takes some students and trains them and empowers the programs. This should be expanded and extended to reach more students in more school.

A lot can be done, If only we can cooperate. Drug abuse is causing a lot of harm, we are tired of having more mad people, more killers, we have to do collective work to fight it.

A better Nigeria and Africa is my dream.

Yakubu is a writer, anti-BBNaija campaigner, farmer, human welfare advocate. He can be reached via greatestanebira@gmail.com

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  1. Ibrahim at 8:29 PM

    Societal promotion of immoralities is also another factor. Somehow, the societal space is filled with praise of organisations and individuals who promote vices. The consequence of that is the subconscious acceptance of such values as norms.

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