Why Everyone Should have a Website

Why Everyone Should have a Website

We the team at JarusHub are passionate about the Internet and over time have demonstrated that we have not just interest but capacity to make a positive impact online.

However, we know that we cannot chase all the ideas by ourselves and implement them. Therefore, we got thinking: “what can we do to help many people especially the youths to begin to take advantage of opportunities online”?

Then it hit us, we should create a domain registration and hosting platform that is simplified and allows flexible payment plans with top-notch customer service.

This is our motivation for creating Hostdey.com, we believe every individual should own at least one domain –as a personal website to promote yourself as a brand, a personal or business blog or at the very least a website for your business.

Having an email address and phone number is not good enough these days. People want to see your digital footprint and there are fewer ways to achieve this than to have your own website.

So, whether it is a .com .ng .biz or other type of extension, the choice is yours. Let us start the journey to your online success together.

Visit Hostdey.com to get started.





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