What LinkedIn Did for Me and What it can Do for You.

What LinkedIn Did for Me and What it can Do for You.

By Chijioke Michael Egbulefu

I joined LinkedIn as a fresh Grad very desperate to get my first real job. This was about two years ago.

I thought LinkedIn made jobs appear at the touch of a button. HaHa!!!

I distilled all the advice I got into “open an account on LinkedIn and just relax”.

Needless to say, that never happened and I didn’t get my first job through LinkedIn for that matter.

But some other things happened.

I learnt it’s OK to express myself.

I discovered some people took what I wrotovered some people took what I wrote very seriously so I started taking myself seriously as well.

I’m still trying to discover my voice but I’ve learnt it’s OK to try. Say what I want to say.

I discovered that the only person that can adequately sell myself is myself. My best brand ambassador is me. No one knows me like I do. So, I started building that brand. It’s paying off immensely.

I learnt people are not as distant as they appear. A CEO and an Executive Director is a click of a button away. And some of these guys can be very helpful. It’s all down to how you present yourself. Some will kill your morale but countless other successful executives here will make you feel good about yourself and give you as much attention as they can afford.

The truth is people love sharing their success stories and there are lots of successful folks here to learn from.

I’ve learnt more on LinkedIn about Payments, FinTech, Consumer Experience and Digital Banking than anywhere else and I’ve learnt all these from the very best guys. This has helped in my job tremendously.

I must confess it was initially really really boring then one day I just discovered that I visit LinkedIn more times in a day than all my other social media accounts combined.

To all those that have made it worth the while, thank you.

Now, I’m not just on LinkedIn for the job. I’m there for the privilege of the connections it affords me, for the knowledge I can acquire and the opportunity to adequately sell myself by myself.

The journey continues.

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