Weflo: From Baller to Bricklayer?

Weflo: From Baller to Bricklayer?

Ever heard of Weflo? You probably haven’t right? However, do you remember some little-known artiste that attended the 1st City People Music Awards held in August in a Limousine and as a result ‘stole the show’. Yes! That’s him.

See pictures  to refresh your memory if you still don’t remember:

             Weflo poses for the camera before entering the Limo


                   Weflo in the Limo with his personal security

Yeah! We know, Weflo sure is living the life… but wait!


                                       Weflo the bricklayer?

No offence to bricklayers (they are wonderful people) but… Weflo has gone from cruising limos to carrying blocks within 2 months? We are finding this too difficult to believe.

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