Watch 2 Reports on the ‘Badoo’ Menace in Ikorodu (Graphic)

Watch 2 Reports on the ‘Badoo’ Menace in Ikorodu (Graphic)

Ikorodu a major suburb of Lagos has been witnessing horrific crimes in the last one year with dozens of people killed by a gang of murderers who specialize in what is suspected to be ritual murder of their victims called ‘Badoo’

It appears the residents, fed-up with this have now resorted to forming vigilante groups and lynching of suspected Badoo members tagged ‘jungle justice’ with the police seemingly unable to quell the violence and maintain peace at the moment.

These 2 videos detail the experience of victims and efforts of police to curb the menace. We must warn that there are disturbing scenes and viewing is not for the faint-hearted.


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