“You are an ungrateful people not worth fighting for”, Lawyer slams Nigerians over attacks on Festus Keyamo (SAN)

“You are an ungrateful people not worth fighting for”, Lawyer slams Nigerians over attacks on Festus Keyamo (SAN)

A legal practitioner and social commentator, Kurtis Adigba has criticised Nigerians over what he perceives to be the double standards we portray as a people. Read his post on the topic next…

Some Nigerians and fake sensitivity! The social media is replete with the condemnation of Festus Keyamo SAN after his appearance on “POLITICS” with Seun Okinbaloye on Channels TV.

Last night, was his first on the show after his appointment as the spokesperson of the Buhari Campaign Organization. Until his appointment 2 weeks ago, and his appearance last night, he was the champion of the people, the defender of the poor, the human rights advocate, and the crusader for justice, and just anything they thought of him. But you know what? Keyamo, is now a traitor, a villain, a sell-out, a turncoat, a man without conscience, and so on. Common (sic) folks, just an appearance on a TV show to air his views on a National issue has made Keyamo the most despicable person? In a country where values and morality are dead because of political partisanship? Give me a break!

Let me ask with due respect to you guys: how many of you tearing into Keyamo are qualified to hold water for him to wash his hands? How many of you identified with, or joined him in his frequent battles with the government? How many of you are better morally than him? How many of you has contributed more to the development of the country than him? How many?

Festus Keyamo, realized that as an outsider, you can’t do much to change the system. He threw his hat into the ring and joined politics. He joined the APC, and contested for the governorship seat of Delta State. He lost in some controversial circumstance. He stayed in the party working and walking his way up within the party. He is now the spokesperson of the campaign organization of the presumptive nominee of his party. Who are you? You are not even a member of any political party where decisions are made! You are a professional critic, a do nothing professor of good governance on social media, a theorist of good value who is numb to corruption because of partisanship, and a destroyer per excellence.

We complain about incompetent people in governance but we are quick to condemn them when they go into politics and try to make a difference. A political party, is not a church or mosque. A politician, is not a pastor or an imam. The rules of politics are not in tandem with religion. And how many of us are even practicing our religion according to the rules and principles! What is happening to Festus Keyamo is the reason why decent professionals don’t want to venture into politics. If you think you are better, please join a party, and show us how it should be done.

And for all of you attacking Keyamo today, please know: that the “prostitute “ today, was once a virgin.

Do you know why we have fewer human rights advocates today? I will tell you. They have realized you are an ungrateful people not worth fighting for, or dying for. When they are detained because of fighting for you, you don’t protest to have them released. You don’t care about their families. When they offer themselves for elective positions, you don’t vote for them. Tell me which country with sane electorates, would not have voted for Gani Fawehinmi? When he sought for our votes, he got less than 30,000 votes nationwide . And we keep expecting them to fight and die for us?

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  1. Amos Adewale at 7:32 AM

    Thanks for your right up, we have a long way to go in this country, the young and the old analysis is done along stomach infrastructure lines. May God safe our country. I also don’t understand where the culture of abuse and curses comes from in responding to issues. “If the foundation is destroyed what can the righteous do” = prayers.

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