How TSTV is Set to Change Your Internet & Satellite Television Experience

How TSTV is Set to Change Your Internet & Satellite Television Experience

Many small businesses and even homes incur 2 bills that are not essential needs in the real sense of it but many people feel they cannot do without them -Internet and satellite television subscription.

Would it not be nice to have one solution that provides you with both at a cheap rate? This is exactly what the newly-launched TSTV is bringing. You can depending on how heavily you use data for example, subscribe to Internet and satellite TV for N3,000 per month or even less if you are a light user. Some people pay higher rates to get Internet on their smartphones alone. This for us is the real game-changing proposition that TSTV has over DSTV and StarTimes which are currently No. 1 and 2 in the Nigerian satellite/Pay-TV market.

TSTV explains it thus:

“We will pioneer the introduction of Smart set top boxes in Nigeria DTH industry.” it set-up box as the following features:

“HD SMART Set Top Box (Connected Set top box) converts your existing LED TV into a Smart TV besides showing you more than 100 Channels & services in High Definition and Standard Definition. While the DTH tech in it brings television channels in Standard Definition and High Definition, the Connected set top box allows one to browse content from Twitter, Facebook, Daily Motion, video on demand sites, Over the Top, OTT apps, news, weather etc. through applications residing on STB. Our HD Smart Set Top Box will work as a tool for personalization, engagement, and new customer experiences and with internet connectivity, one can convert one‘s TV into a smart TV using it. Subscribers are entitled to a complementary 20GB internet capacity every month and this service is available for extension on demand.

“TSTV STB Back-Office End-to-End Solution is an easy-to-maintain solution for delivering TV, Video-On-Demand, and interactive services to end users who use LAN. It suits for schools, hospitals, hotels, communities, securities firms and so on.

“TSTV STB platform also includes in-built fast Wi-Fi, up to 802.11ac, 1 GBit/s Ethernet and USB 3.0 interface. TSTV STB supports built-in Bluetooth 4.0, RF for hybrid remote controls and support of Smart Home services via Zigbee/Thread standard. Multichannel video recording is possible via fast external USB 3.0 hard disks up to 50 Gigabyte capacity. Our Smart STBs also have the capacity to make video calls with other TSTV subscribers via IP.”

Not only can you watch the channels that TSTV is having on its satellite platform, you can also stream other content from the Internet including but not limited to YouTube.

TSTV Purchase and Subscription Rates

TSTV decoder plus dish goes for N5,000 (you might have to pay extra for installation which is a separate service).

As you can see, very attractive rates

  • TSTv daily plan -         N200 plus 500MB
  • TSTv 3 days plan -       N500 plus 1GB
  • TSTv Weekly plan -     N750 plus 2GB
  • TSTv 10 days plan -    N1,000 plus 3GB
  • TSTv 2 Weeks plan -   N1,500 plus 5GB
  • TSTv Monthly Plan -  N3,000 Plus 10GB

This kind of ‘democritization’ of Satellite TV and Internet access to Nigerians is likely to unleash our creativity and force the likes of DSTV and StarTimes to provide similar or better services.

We give this innovation a thumbs-up, what do you think?

Editor’s Note: Why TSTV May Fail

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