Time Management for a Better Lifestyle

Time Management for a Better Lifestyle

By Ellie Singh

Today everyone can learn to make the best use of his time. To do this, you should adopt a few simple rules that are mentioned below:

Do Only Important

Your business is always greater than you can do. Just accept it. In this case, the human brain chooses lighter tasks. At the same time - really important and complex tasks - hang with a sword of Damocles in memory, oppressing unwanted stuff. Therefore, people are BUSY, but not PRODUCTIVE. Again, due to social instincts, we are uncomfortable refusing to ask those who ask to help with some task that is important to them, but is not important to you. In the end, you make many movements, you have a lot of obligations.

But you are not moving towards your goal. Decision: realize what is important for you, determine your values. If the task - does not fall under your values ​​- immediately tell her “no.” Ruthlessly remove all the unimportant. Superfluous under the knife. You will perfectly live saying “no” for 90% of your usual tasks.

Work less at the right time

If you watch your body for a while, each person will be able to determine their own biorhythms, including the hours, which account for the peak of activity. It is at this time that you can work with maximum efficiency. This way you will manage to have time in a short time.

Every task devours our will power. Willpower is usually maximum in the morning and is gradually wasted during the day, but there are exceptions. One of the most successful business consultants, calls the “frog” - the most important and usually difficult thing to do during the day. That’s why it is for me personally to solve the most important and difficult task optimally - right from the morning. Without distraction for unimportant “pleasant” tasks.

Filtering information

In order not to overload the brain with unnecessary information and not spend your time on them, it is necessary to learn how to filter out the necessary information from those tons that are contained on the Internet. You need to be able to quickly learn the files and pages, do not read everything, just stop at what is really necessary and develop speed reading skills.

Refuse mail and social networks

Just try to calculate somehow how much you spend for this time. After that, you can safely deactivate the social network, and check the mail once a day. During operation - disconnect all messengers, and the phone can be switched to air mode.

Concentration on one task

Now it’s cool to be a man who can solve a lot of things at the same time. But there are so many studies that all claim that multitasking reduces your productivity. Therefore, solve one important task for you.


Experts strongly recommends spending 20 minutes early in the day planning your activities. And strongly recommends before going to bed to think - what will you do tomorrow. Allegedly, your subconscious mind will dream in your sleep how to effectively solve the problem tomorrow. I’m not sure that this is the case, but I just bought this habit, in general it’s convenient.

It is better to divide a complex task into small sub-tasks, according to the decision tree principle, the main task is the tree trunk, and the subtasks are its branches. This is called decomposition. ” Decomposition ” can be dealt with until the implementation of the plan becomes simple and transparent.

The word “no” saves time

It is important to learn how to refuse and say “no” to tasks (and people) that do not belong to the elite. It’s pretty uncomfortable, but very soon you’ll realize that nothing bad happens, and your life becomes more comfortable.


It’s pretty “captain” sounds. But for me personally it is very important to sleep and get up early and play sports. This gives the energy necessary for work.


Ellie Singh is an eminent research analyst and a social media blogger. In addition, she offers Essay Writing Service for the assistance and support of student in their academic and professional careers.

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