The Future of Learning and Teaching in education

The Future of Learning and Teaching in education

By Jose Clemmonsz

Education is something that everyone wants to get. Everyone wants the quality education which will guide them in future. This will help them to lead a successful life. So as we all know now learning and teaching process has been changed completely. In olden days, people followed some rules and regulations in clear words we can say that they followed some rigid orthodox ideas about education. But now, everything has been changed and if the future it will change further.

Not only in learning system changes occurred in the teaching process too. In the past teacher used textbooks but now it has been replaced with technological devices. The teacher uses different kinds of strategies and activities to make students alert and maintain interests in their studies. So in one word, we can say that reformation has been made in teaching-learning process. Not only in primary schools have these changes occurred but at higher levels too.

Here are some of the changes:

Web-based learning

The teacher uses different kinds of smart devices to attract students. When the teacher uses audio-visual aids in the classroom, it naturally helps the teacher to make his teaching process easier and also encourages students to study and learn the lesson without any stress and strain.

Learning through mobile

Research has found that more than 90% of people use a mobile phone as their teaching material. In olden days hardly students used the computer as their learning aid but now almost everyone has a mobile phone and has a mobile app to learn the particular subject or particular language. For teachers, it really helped when they are confused about some topic or about some word they can easily and quickly refer to mobile without wasting time. Now special education related apps are also developed which will help teachers as well as students in the teaching-learning process.

Distance learning

As we all know, distance learning is encouraged now. But in the future, it will be like lifelong learning. Education has no limits and boundaries. Everyone has the right to get the education but some drop-out from colleges or school maybe because of some personal financial issues. For such people, online learning and distance will be very helpful to pursue their education and learn where they stopped. Through this, individual learning will also be encouraged and help  students  achieve their dreams and enter into good professions.

Collecting information about educational institutions

For higher studies, every student wants to select the best school because higher studies are the real base for their future professional life. In the past, students had limited information about institutions or about particular colleges? But now every college and universities have their own website and blog through which, they pass information related to them. They list the courses offered, the names of faculty members, their qualification, preference and remarks, everything. By reading that information student can decide whether he or she has wants to choose a school or course. They have better information to make informed choices.

Smart classroom

It’s very important to have an attractive and impressive classroom environment. Research shows that more than 60% of schools and colleges have the smart classroom. This means a project-based classroom. This will produce effective learning outcome. This will enhance learning and teaching skills.

In every sense, our future education will be more advanced and adopt technology. It is very important to go hand in hand with generation and with time. So as time changes, people and the education system will also change. Technology will have a greater influence on education. The teacher will come up with a better curriculum which will enhance our educational system. The teacher will be trained in every field of technology. She has to poses every technique then she will be able to apply it in the classroom. The teaching quality will be improved. Then we will get a well-educated and skilled citizenry that will be able to live a successful professional and personal life?

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