Testosterone and its Importance in Our Body

Testosterone and its Importance in Our Body

Having low levels of testosterone produces various problems in men such as increased body fat, low sexual appetite or hair loss in men, among other consequences.

Increasing our testosterone levels through supplementation is essential to maintain optimal physical and mental health. Finding ourselves well, with courage and energy, depends a lot on our levels of this hormone produced by the male organism naturally in the testicles, contributing to the generation of sperm, improving our bone mass and helping muscle growth. The main enemy of testosterone is aging, but fortunately, we can improve levels with testosterone in supplements. At Testosteronerd you will find all the supplements and tips to increase testosterone.

Consequences of low testosterone reserve

Sexual inability  As we have already seen, the lack of this hormone causes a loss of sexual appetite, the production of semen and the level of sperm. This low sexual interest is mainly due to the low libido we suffer, which also affects the couple and therefore the psychological state of the sufferer.

We fatten. It is proven that men with low testosterone levels are exposed to weight gain or body fat, which affects our physique and also our overall health.

We got tired before . Not only practicing sexual relationships but practicing any physical activity that requires minimal effort. Climbing the stairs can be a problem of fatigue, causing a sedentary lifestyle to avoid fatigue, which ultimately leads to a less healthy life.

Increase in muscle mass. When exercising, our body generates testosterone because when found in an anabolic state, we are able to absorb many more nutrients, which generates a better nutrition of our muscles and therefore a more remarkable increase in muscle mass.

Increased stress . Our stress levels grow, because our body lacks the adequate levels to fight estrogen, which is responsible for our level of stress.

Danger of osteoporosis. Our bones weaken and we even risk breaking hip and other important bones by not maintaining the proper level of testosterone. This also occurs in women.

Baldness . The baldness is attributed to many causes, but it is clear that it adds to the long list, since this hormone works directly in hair production.

Both women and men should maintain their testosterone level to avoid these and other problems such as mood swings, irritability or lack of concentration.

How to increase testosterone levels?

Basically with food. Chocolate and other products called aphrodisiacs such as oysters. Also bananas, broccoli, garlic, tuna, eggs, lean meat or avocados. In any case, the easiest and fastest way is to take a pro-hormonal supplement and practice sports on a continuous basis.

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