Use these Teaching Methods to Become a Better Teacher

Use these Teaching Methods to Become a Better Teacher

By Joseph Golstein

In general, teaching is considered as one of the best jobs among other professional jobs within global scenario of education. Because, every day, teachers get the opportunity to inspire youngsters by stimulating their though process and imagination. The individual teacher makes sure that the quality of different skills related to education gained by the students is high. So we can consider teaching as a delightful and noble profession. The biggest challenge that every teacher faces in their professional life is, capturing attention of the students. The teacher can win the heart of the students by overcoming this challenge. To overcome this challenge, the individual teacher needs to put forth innovative ideas to make the teaching more effective. There are some techniques that make teaching more effective than the usual way.

Apply real world situations

To connect learning with the real world is an effective method of teaching and learning. Including the real world matters or experience to teaching will provide freshness to the students. It enriches the concentration of children in the class. The students really like to hear the matters related to the real world because it helps them to perceive the subject matter in an effective way.  So it helps the teachers to grab the attention of the students. Connecting the syllabus and related classroom instruction to the real life incidents will help the students to understand the same with ease.

Out of the class room

Students really like to learn and experience things by going out from the class. Some topics are easy to learn outside the classroom. So, a teacher can arrange field trips with the students or just make a walk with the students outside the classroom. The students have the ability to learn things much better from the environment rather than a classroom. The field trips help the students to memorize the events much better.

Storyboard teaching

Storyboard teaching will help the students to memorize the events step by step. It also helps students to improve their sensory perception through visuals. For example, when we study history in the form of stories we can never forget the events. We can memorize the events in the form of stories. The story board teaching is helpful for history teachers to increase the capacity of students to memorize information and retrieve the same when needed. With the help of storyboard teaching, teachers we can shorten complex ideas into simple forms. Besides, a teacher can encourage students to memorize the events in a story format.

Interactive environment

It is essential to establish an interactive environment in the classroom. The interactive section encourages the students to clear the doubts within the class itself. By clearing the doubt from the class itself the rest of the students also can improve their learning. Transforming the classroom into a live interactive section will help students better than the traditional method of learning because it makes the class active.

Offer visual aid                                   

Making use of visual aid is an effective way of teaching. It forces students to make use of their sense of viewing things and the same is more attractive to students. The human brain has the capacity to remember things in the form of a picture. So by making use of visual media, teacher can handle students with ease. It helps the students to understand the lesson much better than any other medium. So, the teacher can seek the help of a visual aid for better and effective instruction.

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