Surviving January: Getting over the Money hang-over

Surviving January: Getting over the Money hang-over

The month with several months is finally here! January, the first and somewhat the toughest month for so many, especially salary earners is regarded as the longest months of the year. This is not because it has no more than 31 days than any other month because it doesn’t but, because some of us got carried away in the festivities of the holiday that it has become quite difficult to get over the spending handover.

If you are a salary earner and you find yourself wondering how to survive the many days in this month with the little you have left, then here is how to get started.

Track and Curb

This is the very first thing you should start doing. No matter how little you think you have, it can be sufficient enough to tide through the month if you want it to be. Start by becoming accountable for every Naira you spend. You shouldn’t stop at that, you should also begin to cut down on your excessive spending. Now is not the time to spend on your wants or cravings. This is not the time to even buy the best deals on products you don’t need because there will be a lot of discounts, but try and ignore them all if you want to survive the month financially.

Switch things up

There’s no better time to become creative with how you spend and the things you spend on. This is the ultimate DIY season for your meals, laundry, minor room renovations, and minor repairs among others. If you pay premium on your cable TV, you should try something lesser for this month or go on a cable TV fast. The same applies to internet subscription. Try a lesser plan and spend less time on the internet. This is the time to switch things up and enjoy the simple things of life that cost nothing, like the time spent with friends and loved ones rather than the time spent online.

Avoid online stores

As stated earlier, this is the discount and promo season. More items would be up for grab at a lesser price. You would also agree that it is easier to buy items with your card online than buying with cash at hand at a physical location. Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid online stores at this time of the year.

Seek help

To be honest, not everyone would be able to tide through this month without external help. But
that should not become overwhelming if you find yourself in this category. There are financial
institutions that offer payday loans that would help you sort the bills when they become

Finally, tiding through this January is totally up to you and your plans, and we advise that you
should be intentional about it.

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