Why you Should Stop Looking for your Calling

Why you Should Stop Looking for your Calling

By Aroms Aigbehi

If you have a calling, it will find you when it is time and not the other way around. Some people are born with the nagging call to do a specific thing, while others get theirs at older age. Some never get a call.

I am writing this article because I get too many emails from people who are looking for their calling. I think they are mixing biblical calling up here. I shall explain.

What many people are looking for is an easier and better way to make money without too much stress. That is not a calling, it is called TALENT. They are two different things. Calling is when you no longer want to live for yourself ONLY but for a higher purpose. It means living for others mostly. Most people still want to live for themselves ONLY and just want to have the talent to do that easily. You live for yourself ONLY, when all you do is just for yourself and the immediate family. Nothing wrong with that.
Many people although, like to help others, are not at the level of a calling yet, as that would mean they really want to henceforth be living for a higher purpose and let that purpose determine what happens with their life. Most people just want to have a better and easier way to make a living because they are dissatisfied with their current method of making money, They conclude therefore, the reason is they don’t know their calling. Whereas, what they are looking for is a new talent to make money and not a calling.

Talent is natural aptitude or skill. In plain English, you are either born with the disposition and learn to refine it or you pick up something and learn it with brute force. Yes, you can learn a talent.
If you want to make real helping others your number one priority in your life and not exploiting them like some do, then look for your CALLING. But if you want to find a better way to make a living then look for your TALENT. Sometimes, your talent can come in handy with your calling. This is important because you need two different approach.

You cannot learn a calling. It is an awakening of the mind. It is the Aha! moment or the Eureka moment of your life. The day you wake up and realize you no longer want to live for yourself ONLY, but for a higher purpose, that is the day you start to realize what you need to do.

If you want to speed it up, then ask yourself. If you didn’t have to pay the bills and worry about your financial future, what are the things you would like to be doing for OTHERS right now, full time? That is where your calling is. Calling means sacrificing your live. Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela took up a calling and sacrificed their lives for it.

If you don’t want to sacrifice your life but just want to make a boat load of money and maybe help others along the way then take the road of people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg. Invest in yourself, develop your talent and get on with it.

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