The Similarities and Differences Between Island and Mainland Real Estate Agents

The Similarities and Differences Between Island and Mainland Real Estate Agents

By Omolaoye Kunle

Real Estate in Nigeria is big business and the number Estate agents is rapidly increasing. The effect of this is that there will be good agents and bad agents. Some will be fraudulent, others will be genuine.

Interestingly, agents can be diversified based on the areas they work. So, the same way Lagos is classified into the Island and the Mainland, Lagos agents can also be classified into Island agents and mainland agents.

There are features that are peculiar to these two classes of real estate gurus. Enjoy their similarities and differences as you read on.

Below are qualities that these agents have in common:


  • They are both into Real Estate business.
  • They are highly informed about their environment.
  • They know how to get their clients.
  • They work directly with landlords or other agents.
  • Most of them are good at what they do.
  • It is their source of livelihood
  • They work as intermediaries between clients and landlords


  • Their differences are quite funny. It is perceived that Island agents differ from Mainland agents, as there is a perceived class difference between them. Some of the differences are listed below:
  • Most agents on the Island don’t collect inspection fee.
  • Mainland agents collect inspection fee.
  • Most Island agents belong to one association or another.
  • Most Mainland agents don’t even belong to any association.
  • The agency fees paid on the Island are quite high
  • The agency fees paid on the Mainland are usually lower and more affordable
  • Most Island agents have offices
  • Only a few agents do on the mainland
  • Island agents have so many people working for them, they don’t even do the work themselves sometimes.
  • Most Mainland agents do not have people working, they tend to do their work themselves because the money they have is not even enough for them.
  • Island agents believe in work ethics
  • Mainland agents are also divided depending on their area of specialization
  • Island agents handle bigger and more expensive properties
  • Mainland agents handle affordable and less expensive properties.

I don’t know which of the two main categories you fall into. Whatever the category you fall, I want to implore you to be good at it, make use of available information at your disposal and be the best realtor any client or other agents can relied on for good business transactions.

We at Frontline Property Management are ready to partner with you for good business with trust. #InvestInLagos

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