Shooting your shot: A different perspective

Shooting your shot: A different perspective

By Oyebamiji Okiki

Taking a cursory gaze at the way 2018 has panned out so far, you will agree with me that Nigerians are more determined than ever before, most especially, the female folks (no hard facts). They are going all out to defy the natural law that says the men must pop the “question”. Indeed, what a man can do, a woman is doing better. This recent trend had led to a colloquial that is fast gaining ground in the Nigerian social media clime; shoot your shot. Just in case you are wondering what the slang is all about; it means not leaving anything to chance as a lady by proposing to your man (social parlance definition). The defines shoot your shot as “to take a chance no matter if you fail or not.” However, the crux of this article is to beam the searchlight on other areas of life where we can shoot our shot, rather than aimlessly and myopically shooting shots in the arena of relationship cum marriage.

In that business of yours, that career you are pursuing (not that babe or guy) or the financial ladder that you are trying to climb, have you tried taking risk(s)? The recently released story by Paddy Adenuga, son of Mike Adenuga, the oil and telecom billionaire, of how he almost bought Chevron Netherlands at 29, is a story that we should all draw inspiration from. This man against all odds tried shooting his shot, even though he lost the bid, his shot was worthy of a true marksman.

Another area where people ought to shoot their shot happens to be in making investment. The word investment can often be associated with risk taking. Just to be straight with y’all, ain’t talking Ponzi’s or some multi-level marketing drab.

Warren Buffet shot his shot by buying his first shares at the age of six, and he said he started late! What sort of investment (intellectual or financial) have you made or do you plan to make in your life. How many books have you bought to read this year? Do you know you can buy some shares even with your meager salary? In case you forgot or you never knew, your target(s) will never remain in one position forever, hence, shoot that shot now! Take that aim now; invest, reinvest and keep investing.

As I draw the curtain, shooting your shot at that man or woman is not bad in entirety, but there are several other areas of your life that surely needs some shots. And while taking those shots, aim for the moon, so that when you fail, you can still hit the skies.


Okiki is passionate about writing and using it as a weapon to spar in the arena of public discuss. Oyebamiji Okiki can be reached on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter @okikioye. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn at Oyebamiji Okiki

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  1. Adedoyin Oseni at 9:59 PM

    This is mind blowing and quite insightful. Thanks for sharing this thought.

    More shot to shoot sir

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