6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

6 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Blog

By Ozioma Egboka

1. To Drive More Traffic

Small businesses that blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that do not blog.
Source: ThinkCreative

You know, I would have tried to explain that the traffic written above does not refer to the usual road traffic— Lagos traffic; I however, know that my audience is not a bunch of blue toed newbies.

You have a small business and probably you’ve opened a website.

Now your mind sings,’all is well.’

Before you burst into further hynms.

Website pages are great but are usually not pages that can be updated as often as you want.

‘How many times do you see big companies change their ‘about us page?’

Now this is where blogging comes in.

Blogging gives you the ability to publish more and more information about your company.

And not just that, you get to publish any time you want and as many articles as you want.

Not only do your audience get to receive enough and updated information about your business, you also get more indexed pages.

Don’t get confused.

Google bots crawls and index pages as articles are being constantly published online.

The more pages about your business gets indexed, the higher opportunity for your website information to rank higher in organic searches.

Organic searches are usually searches randomly done by people.


If someone types in a search query: “how to write a heart-wrenching horror fiction”.

Search engines will quickly display a lot of information related to the query.

Assuming you run a fiction company,and you’ve got enough search engine ranking,SEO, your pages that are related to that query will pop-up on top.

That someone is more likely to click on the results displayed on top than the ones below.

This way, you get attention from someone who originally doesn’t know about you and your business.

Now, the more people click on your pages, the more traffic you’d get.

2. Establishes You as an Expert

No one wants to trust you with their money if they do not trust you to give them value.

Now, why do you think that people would rather go for Coca-Cola products no matter how expensive they may be, instead of going for more affordable but unknown products from unknown producers?

Why do you think readers would rush a Chimanda Adichie new book without even bothering if it will be interesting enough?


They believe them to be experts in what they do.

The more you publish about a particular topic in your business, the more people get to see you as an expert in your field.

No one will know how good your catering services are if you don’t show off your expertise.

3. Build Trust and Relationship

Check out this statistics:

81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.
(Source: BlogHer)

61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.
(Source: BlogHer)

Just like the point above, publishing contents on your blog gives a personal touch.

A point will come when your readers begin to feel at one with you.

They will sympatize with you, rejoice with you and even defend you.

Selling your products to these kind of audience will not be a herculean task because they already are like a family.

At this point, they don’t just see you as an expert,they feel they love you.

They will go ahead to share your posts on social media etc and make them go viral.

Sharing your posts exposes you to new audience thereby tremendously increasing your traffic and of course your search engine rating.

4. For Long Term Result

Well, blogging gives you a long term result because what ever information you post on your blog stays put and for a long time, people will come across it and read it, provided it stays relevant.

And you may even choose to remodel the post, and still use it like it’s new.

Blog posts can be turned into an ebook, that can be sold.

Blog posts can be turned into podcasts.

Blog posts can be changed into video posts.

All these methods tend to bring one benefit—money!

5. Collect Emails

Well, you may choose to buy email addresses and bombard the owners with messages.

Just get ready to read the consequence.

And the fact that you’ll loose your leader respect to the effects of such moves.

So, how does blogging aid?

You could post a reader magnet like a free ebook or online course.

Readers will click on that and they’ll get taken to a google form in which the necessary information about them will be collected. This includes their email address.

This way, they willingly give you the approval to contact them while you give them the free offer in return.

Now, what do you do?

You can go ahead to start sending them mails in order to nurture the newly-formed relationship.

This people will grow to become raving fans who will buy your products and even share the information about you to others.

6. Increase Sales

Now, all the benefits we discussed above has one endpoint: SALES.

The more you publish, the higher your search engine ranking.

That would lead to more traffic (more people getting to know about your business ), the increased traffic leads to more audience, more raving fans and ultimately MORE SALES.

And that is what business is about.

Companies That Do Moderate Blog Posting Between 1-2 Times Per Month Have 67% More Sales Opportunities Than Companies That Do Not Blog. (Source: InsideView)

So what are you waiting for, go get a blog!

Egboka Ozioma popularly known as Ozibekee on social media is a Science teacher with a keen eye for detail and stories. She’s a seasoned writer and has written numerous articles and short stories on different issues. Her writings come alive, jump on your skin and make you feel like you’re living them. She’s also trained in the fundamentals of digital marketing and can be reached via oziomaegboka@gmail.com or +2348038832572

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