Ramos’ Tackle Against Salah “Not Allowed” in our Sport – European Judo Union

Ramos’ Tackle Against Salah “Not Allowed” in our Sport - European Judo Union

The European Judo Union has slammed Sergio Ramos’ tackle against Mohamed Salah in the UEFA Champions League final.

In another twist in the ongoing controversy the governing body of Judo in Europe called Ramos’ move one that is “not allowed” in their sport. This is despite the fact that Judo is a martial art which involves physical contact and is essentially a form of fighting.

They tweeted:

“Waki-gatame is a dangerous technique. That’s why it is not allowed in Judo to use for transition to ne-waza. What do you think about this foul yesterday evening in the #UCLFinal between #RMALIV?”

The result of the tackle was a dislocated shoulder for Salah who is now a major doubt for Russia 2018 threatening to derail the chances of the Egyptian team at the World Cup.

The implication of this is that Ramos would have been punished if he did the same thing he did to Salah in the UCL final in a Judo match.

So far,  UEFA have kept quiet on the tackle and if they think it was intentional or not.

Meanwhile, an online petition asking for Ramos to be punished by FIFA and UEFA has around 500,000 signatures already.

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  1. REMI at 5:11 PM

    Yes , The action does not good for Football too. It seemed it was Real madred game plan to force one of the Red forwards out by fire by force, and it worked for them.

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