Prospective Corp Member Decries Failure to Be Mobilized By NYSC

Prospective Corp Member Decries Failure to Be Mobilized By NYSC

By Kunle Bello 

The inability of NYSC management to mobilise all 2016 Batch B prospective corp members for camping/orientation came as a shocker to many of us. It’s obvious, because some have left their job and various means of hustling so as to prepare ahead to serve the nation.

But when it has dawned on us that not all of us will be mobilised due to limited camp capacities nationwide and with the assurance that stream II will resume early this year. We accepted it in good faith. To our chagrin, till this moment the NYSC has not deemed it fit reveal the rationale behind the prolonged delay nor avail us its timetable let alone how they intend to do it.

Some of our complacent colleagues want us to keep mute to such carefree attitude of the NYSC, when it is supposed to be responsive to our plight.

Some are asking us to be praying and expectating a miracle, while others are calling us different unprintable names for complaining about this issue.

There are prospective corp members that are indifferent even if it is going to take them years to do the needful as long as it doesn’t prevent them from having their 3 square meals from the comfort of their homes. Others are of the opinion that it is too early to point an accusing finger at the NYSC.

It is sad that we the youth usually embrace the system that victimises us and align with it to counter people who have chosen to rebel against it.

If the chances of mobilising accumulation of 2014, 2015 & 2016 graduates of 2016 PCMs of Batch B stream II are still slim by 2017, what will now be the fate of potential graduates that are expectating March, July and November mobilisations respectively?  A stitch in time saves nine and the  best time to act is now.

I salute the ever courageous efforts of those that are ready to make the move to change the status quo of this irresponsible agency, count on me to

join the move in my state here, if there is no green light from them later this week.


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