Why Primary School Leavers Should be Allowed to Do NYSC

Why Primary School Leavers Should be Allowed to Do NYSC

By Kurtis Adigba

NYSC, is a service to country. It is not strictly an educational event. It should be opened to all able bodied adults in the country.

Why do we allow primary school certificate holders to enlist in the military, but don’t allow them to do NYSC? Is the NYSC bigger and more important than the military?

The NYSC, was conceived as a unifying tool, but is it achieving that purpose today? Many of our parents, will not allow their children to serve in other states, and some influential Nigerians will do everything possible to preferential postings for their wards. Last week, the picture of the son of the former Governor of Enugu, and that of the Governor of the State(Enugu), was trending. The young man from Enugu State, was posted to serve in the state, and was received by the Governor. Ajimobi’s daughter, also served in Government House, Ibadan.

For your information, i did my NYSC in Warri, Delta State. We were the first batch of Corpers posted to the State in 1991/92. I served with the Legal Department of NPA. I didn’t lobby to be posted to Delta, and i didn’t seek for any help to be posted to any place. I saw my name on the board, and reported.

If the NYSC, must remain relevant, it must be reformed. The law must be amended to include many more Nigerians who are excluded, and the founding ideals must also be strictly enforced.

Kurtis Adigba is the Principal Partner of Kurtis Adigba & Co.

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