Now Is the Perfect Time for an iPad Upgrade

Now Is the Perfect Time for an iPad Upgrade

There are those that upgrade yearly, and there are those who don’t unless there is a pressing reason. Each and every gadget has a natural life cycle, and unless your device stops working or the OS is no longer supported, there is really no need to upgrade it. Apple is well known for its quality, and their products are made to last even with excessive use. Their stubborn durability is seen as a positive point since most of their products have a higher price point. The downside to this is that your device will still work like normal long after its tech is no longer cutting edge.

Is your iPad really obsolete?

When it comes to the majority of older model iPads, even though they work just fine, their technology is far behind the times. Most consumers assume that electronics are similar to cars or homes in that so long as they still work, they are equally useful. Even though a car from the 1980’s will still reach the same speed as a car from the 2010’s, it doesn’t mean the same is true of devices. Tech tends to become obsolete within 2-3 years of their release. The speed, storage and computing power of devices of this year is vastly superior to those of even 5 years ago.

Facing the Slowdown

Last spring, Apple released a new version of the iPad, which is technically their 5th Gen model. It is simply called by its original name and it is the 8th one to be released by the company. The difference between this model and others is that they are about 10x faster than an iPad 2, with a starting price of only $330. Historically, consumers have had a range of issues when using the older iPad, the first iteration of the retina iPad, and even the late 2012 iPad models. Even the breakout iPad air’s first model qualifies as an old model and can’t even fully process the majority of app’s and websites that are used today.

Is It Time to Upgrade?

What’s great about this iPad, besides the new device smell is that it offers a range of improvements without needing to break the bank. You get an improved camera, better battery life, awesome improvement in the RAM department, and the latest in screen resolution and let’s not even get started on the WiFi capabilities. Even though your old device technically still works, you would be hard pressed to find a legitimate reason not to upgrade to a faster, sleeker, more powerful model.

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