A Passionate Defence of MMM Nigeria

A Passionate Defence of MMM Nigeria

By Dennis Raymond

The acronym MMM in recent times cannot be confused for Money Making Machine (The previously popular meaning given to the acronym). It stands for the Mavrodi Mundial Movement, a scheme that shares the ideology of communal contributions. MMM seeks to create a community where people give willing donations to each other.

These donations are not compulsory and no one is forced to make them. However, there is a little benefit attached to donating. This benefit has helped to bring people on board this scheme and so far so good. MMM advices you to only donate spare money and it has no account so there is no direct deposit.

MMM is currently present in about 118 countries. In recent times, it has always faced government and media persecution wherever it goes, the reason for this isn’t far-fetched. MMM could mean an end to the current world order.

However, the focus of this article isn’t on MMM Global, but MMM Nigeria. Prior to the month of December while MMM Nigeria had its share of government and media persecution but everything came to a head on Tuesday, 13th of December 2016, when as was the routine, MMM took a very temporary measure to prevent an imbalance in the system due to the usual festive rush, the system was experiencing more demands and lesser supply, plus issues like fake proof of payments and default in payment.

The administrators in light of this sad development took a wise, albeit discomforting step to stem the rise of these ills, they froze payments for 30days. In a sane country, such a measure should have gone unnoticed as this was temporary.

Alas, the media jumped on this and chose to spread false news, insisting and stating emphatically in their articles that MMM Nigeria has come to an end. Headlines were overboard as they were forged to create fear in the minds of the populace

Now, let me show you something. MMM Nigeria since its inception has had millions of testimonies. I, for one, am a living testimony (like my Christian brethren would say). MMM helped me settle my professional exam bills worth N58,000, which ordinarily my parents can’t afford. Back at home, we literally live from hand to mouth, my school fees for the immediate past semester seemed insurmountable, but through the help I got from MMM I was able to pay up and write my end of session exams, currently I am getting help by January to enable me afford my annual house rent which is quite expensive since my school hostels are run by private individuals.

A friend of mine, James, who stopped schooling early this year because his dad had absconded with another woman and left him to fend for himself; his dreams of working in a financial institution was being dashed before his very eyes. He wasn’t able to buy textbooks and pay tuition fees, he had to squat with mates who treated him with contempt because he couldn’t afford to contribute to the house. Three months ago, he resumed school, having received help from MMM, his hopes back on and his tears wiped away.

MMM participants are practically keeping him in school. A man who sells in front of my hostel gate, Papa Chibueze, who had been there for quite a number of years, had more children than he could cater for, two of his kids were out of school and malnutrition was obviously a problem for this family of 8. Everyday, his kids would sit at home doing nothing and watching their contemporaries commute to and from school. The first child In particular is very brilliant and always asked us questions when opportune to. He obviously longed to be like us, go to school and become a useful tool in the society. The recession hit his father’s business badly, making things worse for the family until MMM came, his dad who was recently made a guider, has been able to put all of them in good schools move to a better house and expand his business. Again, a MMM participant has put a smile on the face of another family.

MMM currently has between about 1-3million members, this consists of families, students, workers e.t.c. These people no longer feel the deep bites of the current recession. People are happy and dreams are being saved. Yet, the supposed elite have refused to see this, they have refused to envisage the amount of harm they are causing by spreading panic. They think they are helping but no, they are about to send me and some of my mates out of school. They are about to kill the dreams of more than a thousand students and Nigeria’s future leaders who rely on MMM to see themselves through the tertiary institution. They want families back to square one, they want Papa Chibueze’s first son to grow into an uneducated nuisance. Yes, they feel smart for spreading panic and condemning the scheme, yet they refuse to consider how dumb it will be if the writer of this article has to stop going to school because of their smartness, or if business that can no longer get loans from banks collapse and people are jobless.

I hope this article makes them think deeper. What one doesn’t understand, he tends to hate, but I implore you try now harder than ever before to understand how MMM works, and if you don’t like it, leave it for us.

To MMM participants Nigeria, be steadfast, this is only temporary, by January, MMM would bounce back and there would be payouts, don’t join in spreading panic. Spread the truth, MMM is real and its helping.

Together, we shall overcome.


Dennis writes from Imo State University

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  1. Abdulkabir at 7:25 AM

    Tell me a few things:

    1. Where do you think the money you are collecting is coming from?

    2. Do you know what a Ponzi scheme is?

    3. Where did you get the money you invested in MMM from? You could not use that money in any legitimate business?

    4. Is it that you don’t understand that governments across the world are duty-bound not to allow a Ponzi scheme started by an ex-convict that has scammed people across the world?

    5. Explain how MMM is a revolutionary idea that commercial banking should be afraid of? Please note that you members and supporters were not told your ‘investment’ (sorry, your ‘Mavros’) could be frozen without you having any say on what happens next?

    6. Do you understand that wealth is created based on the value you create not through this system operated by a few people to rob people of their money while leaving them in the lurch?

  2. Ochinanwata at 1:59 PM

    1) People like you and me

    2)Yes I do.

    3) I took a loan from someone, which I have paid back. Which profitable business can you start with 20k please? I would really love to know.

    4)MMM is not a ponzi scheme. If you really understood Wikipedia, the Russian Government caused the collapse then.

    5) I did not know mavros could be frozen, but I guess some people were aware this was a possible measure.

    6) MMM seeks to encourage liberation from the shackles of money slavery, banks steal from you, MMM gives to you. The money in the world is enough to go round if we could willingly help one another. Get the picture?

    7)You are so against MMM, is somebody using your money to do it or you have been scammed by the scheme before?

    • Abdulkabir at 4:43 PM

      Why would anybody with a good work ethic seek to promote a scheme that keeps changing its form just to mobilize huge funds from people who are either too greedy or desperate for money then blame governments across the world for its failure? Drug traffickers might as well start complaining that business is going bad because of government clampdown on them.

      So, you were smart enough to get someone to lend you money but considered the promised return as the only basis of deciding to join MMM, the implication is that if you got another dubious scheme offering 50% you would jump at it.

      The danger with people like you is that your sense of propriety is based on the amount you think you can gain from a scheme regardless of whether it is legal or not.

      You say governments are against the scheme, I say rightfully so.

      Why am I so against the scheme? Imagine 10 million Nigerians getting sucked-in and then the promoters withdraw the funds and go offshore. Where do you think you subscribers would go for real help this time around? Those of us sane enough to know this is a scam and probably the government which is also not buoyant at the moment.

      This is obvious to the discerning but obviously all you can think of is ‘free money’ which is an illusion.

      Before this December debacle, one of the lies peddled by MMM subscribers is that because there is no central account, nobody controls the flow of money, I told them, this is a lie, they refused to accept, what do we have now?

  3. Jimae at 3:02 PM

    Hello Ochinanwata…. Is your real name Dennis Raymond?… The writer of this beautiful piece. Please I would love to get in touch with you. I am a fellow Mavrodian. This right here is my email addy: jimae007@gmail.com

  4. Linda at 9:44 AM

    1. Contributions from other participants.
    2. Yes (no central acct in mmm)
    3. Its not an investment its a voluntary contributions. What law is against charity?
    4. It’s not a Ponzhi (no centeal pool of cash)
    5. Currently in Nigeria some banks give u less than what you want to withdraw (there is more demand than supply and its not the first time). Its revolutionary because banks take from the proverbial peter to pay paul and keep the profit, MMM takes from peter to give paul and they both share the profit (peter awaits his turn).
    6. You seem to know nothing about MMM. Whoever is in MMM to be “WEALTHY” has missed the “IDEOLOGY”. MMM is to help sustain the comman man and pass your money around to “HELP” not to make u rich or wealthy. Please visit the website and read for yourself (you sound pretty intelligent with genuine intention but with little knowledge of the subject matter).

    • Abdulkabir at 9:02 PM

      You say it is voluntary contributions but what are people contributing towards?

      On the point that MMM has no central account and is not a Ponzi scheme because of that, I laugh. You don’t need a central account to have a Ponzi scheme because you can mobilize huge funds from the system for a few people to draw from while settling people with lower stakes with new entrants’ money. The trouble starts when you don’t have enough new people to sustain the system.

      As for visiting the website, there is hardly a scam that will readily identify itself as such. Besides, I had studied the scheme before it ever came to Nigeria.

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