Why Passion is Greater than Talent

Why Passion is Greater than Talent

By Kazeem Abolore

“The level of your talent isn’t nearly as important as the intensity of your passion.” - Keith Harrell

I woke up in the early hours of the morning two Thursdays ago to a piece of news that not only gladdened my heart till this moment but also made me proud of myself. What was the good news?

If this article inspires you to take action, it had achieved its purpose, for it is not meant to pitch a sale but to give hope to those in despair and a reason to believe to the hopeless.

I woke on that particular Thursday to the glittering news that my first and recently published book, Write To Stardom (How To Write Irresistible Articles That Keep Readers Glued To You From A-Z), made the Bestseller list on Amazon in 2 days after publishing it. Yes! It ranked #3 in Education and Reference section and #10 in Writing Skills section. It, in a matter of hours later, topped Education and Reference section (#1) and rose to #7 in Writing Skills section. It was super amazing and I was super fantastic.

If there was one act that I could attribute this incredible feat to, it would be passion - the obsession to learn, the love to teach and strong desire to write. I do not think I am a talented speaker but I am cocksure that I am passionate about teaching via speaking.

I am not certain I am blessed with choosing words at the right situation but I am sure I am passionate about learning. If you doubt me, tell me you want to teach me a skill or a how to.

I am not sure I have more than the average skill of a writer but so much love putting down my thoughts that has ultimately improved my writing skills and has projected me as a “talented” writer before my audience.

Passion has got me what talent couldn’t.

“The level of your talent isn’t nearly as important as the intensity of your passion.” - Keith Harrell

I did say a long time ago, April precisely, that if there was one thing I would love to do all my life, it was to read, teach and write.

To you who have an enviable talent and had discovered it, this message is for you.

To you who think he does not have a talent or has not yet discovered it, this message is equally for you.

The message is simple but subtle. Here is the message: Talent is good, passion is better. A talent that is coupled with passion is best. Talent would take you far but passion would take you farther. When and where talent fails you, passion can make you. Love what you do and do what you love. Attach purpose - real life purpose - and mission to what you do and every day get beaten for not reaching the mission yet. Many are people who are not born with natural talent but are doing pretty well in their chosen field with a strong determination, daily learning and practice. And many are people who are born with unrefined but bountiful natural talent but amounted to nothing as a result not learning and practicing. More than talent, passion is what you need.

“Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head.” - A.R Rahman


Abolore Kazeem is an
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author.
Innovative Teacher, Creative Writer, Personal Effectiveness Strategist and the Creator, 30 Days Writing Challenge.

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