One Day Can Change Your Life

One Day Can Change Your Life

  • By Salahudeen Quadri

At times I look around and ask myself; Can today lead me to my ‘One Day’? Can I be fulfilled with all the activities I am engaged in today for it to be my ‘One Day’? Can I show anyone that One Day in my life can inspire your own many days? Can I be celebrated with unbelievable surprises for just One Day? Can I look at challenges and face them with courage because of One Day?

The effort of just one day can bring-in the success you need in life. Hence, the way you approach a day can bring-in the everlasting joy you desire and then you realize that you need just 10% of your energy thereafter to maintain the success you have achieved.

One day doesn’t stroll like im no get bearing ooo… You must have been in the process for success to come, bidding and courting it for some time. Nothing good comes so easy but the cumulative efforts of days will make your ‘One Day’ stroll in with swag.  If Olajumoke the bread seller did not deem it fit to go for her daily sale … She may never have seen her One Day with TY Bello!

You need to realize that effort-upon-effort might pave the way you need and change the story of your life. A friend of mine frequently says:” When you are told to clean a seat for someone, clean it as if it is God that wants to have his sit because you don’t know the actual day God is willing to sit”. You need to make sure that all your engagements must be poignant if you are truly expecting your One Day.

Consider the attributes required by you for your ‘One Day’ and focus on developing them.  There might be many confusing paths for you to choose from in life but your One Day can never lead you astray, your guiding light will lead you to your desired destination and your waka waka legs will show support afterwards!

My brothers and sisters, ‘One Day’ is real.  Just keep putting-in your best in positive things. Our God will eventually bless your efforts.

Salahudeen Quadri Olamide a.k.a. ‘ATOM’ is a graduate of Transport Management from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. He is currently serving as a Corp Member in Akwa-Ibom. He loves reading, watching football, traveling and can be reached via

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