OK Recruiting seeking college graduates to teach English abroad

The 100% free service gives college graduates from native English-speaking countries an opportunity to broaden their horizons and teach English abroad. A team of recruiters with years of expertise offer personalized service to find qualified candidates to teach English in Korea choosing from more than 900 schools. Graduates wishing to teach English in China may choose from over 100 schools in the OK Recruiting network. The jobs are available to prospective candidates who are native English speakers and citizens of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States.

“If you want to teach in Korea or China, it is important to find a recruiting agency that provides accurate information and reliable job consulting services,” says Jay Suh, the spokesperson.

“Getting English teaching jobs in Korea or China is not difficult but there are too many unreliable recruiting agencies that lie about the job description to attract unsuspecting applicants. However, at OK Recruiting our reputation is very important to us. We only work with reputable employers to ensure that job seekers will end up getting the job they want,” he adds.

Prospective applicants should possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, a clean criminal record, no critical medical problems, and should be able to pass a drug test. The service is 100% free and personalized and includes airport pick-up on arrival. The agency also offers visa assistance and after job placement support via email or Skype.

About OK Recruiting

Established in 2006, OK Recruiting has built a strong business relationship with more than 900 schools in Korea and more than 100 in China. The agency specializes in placing English teachers in educational institutions and is among the most successful recruiters for English teachers while 60% of recruiting agencies in Korea or China close their business within one or two years.

For further information, contact: https://www.okrecruiting.com/

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