Matters Arising from the Offa Bank Robbery

Matters Arising from the Offa Bank Robbery

By Babashola Hussein Kehinde

The men of underworld have come and gone are somewhere enjoying the heist of the gruesome killings while families are mourning in sheer anguish and the entire community at the large.

Among the victims who died in the gruesome attack are bread winners of some families, an only surviving child and senior officers who will be due for retirement next month while those that are wounded badly were transferred to University of  Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH) in the state, some died in transit.

Report of eyewitnesses have it that the attack was killing at sight for policemen and those at the counter who came to lodge complains were equally shot. It was also reported that no officers could pull the trigger many ran for their dear life. This suffices to explain how badly our policemen are equipped and defenceless they themselves are and the civilians who they have the mandate to protect.

While the robbery is the ugliest among others that have happened in the town in last eight years, the community as usual has and is still receiving letters of condolence, pity and sympathy from many progressive stakeholders and leaders responsible for the security mechanism of the state in the first place.

We appreciate your honest letters, bills, visitation, hospitality, promises and as much as we did in the previous attacks and therefore call on all political and progressive stakeholders as a matter of both pleas and primary responsibilities to help do the needful and come to our assistance. They say prevention is better than cure, install necessary security mechanisms to create crime free environment and equip our security men to at least be able to protect themselves and secure lives and properties.

Unarguably, Offa is the second most viable community next after Ilorin, the state capital in Kwara state, economy wise, and whose economy feeds more than twenty communities both directly and indirectly, without doubt, these kinds of attacks are not healthy for communities struggling to develop.

The last robbery that happened took many affected banks and non-affected ones months to get back to their feet and that was through the help of prominent Offa indigenes and influence. The incidence of robbery back then was felt as it did not only affect the economy and students but also the general wellbeing of good people of Offa and its environs.

About three or four years ago, a robbery happened in Omu-Aran Kwara state, till today they have not been able to have the bank back.

I do not subscribe to conspiracy theories or the conspiratorial narratives flying around the insecurity but our leaders should please prove these narratives wrong and come to our aid.

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