A Nigerian’s Plan to Develop States with Coconut

A Nigerian’s Plan to Develop States with Coconut

A public affairs commentator, Aroms Aigbehi has expressed his frustration at the way Nigerian cities are dirty and lack beautification. He has suggested what he thinks is a solution. Read his thoughts:

I like spending time in Florida with my wife.


Because the place is clean, sunny with beautiful houses and streets. The street in the photo below is my favorite residence in Florida. I keep wondering why do our people live in dirt. Then I realized it. It is not just physical poverty but mental poverty.

In the Florida streets there are trees. Then I think why can’t we plant palm trees all over the place in Nigeria and flood the world market with coconut oil and juice? They want it, so we give it to them.

Take Edo state state alone. If I was the Governor I will get each house in Edo State to plant 2 coconut trees in front of the house on a straight line or face a fine. Each coconut tree will produce 200 coconut per year. Even with 500,000 houses; see what will happen:
500,000 x 2 coconut trees = 1,000,000 coconut trees.

200 coconut per tree per year = 200,000,000

Even at N50 per coconut = N10,000,000,000

That is 10 billion Naira. That is just for the homes. I will do the same for all government roads and double that number.

I would buy it from the people and bring it to a very large factory to make coconut oil, paste and other things to double this revenue yet again. When we are done we will have over N40 billion per year. This will create lots of jobs.

All that money will be used to fix all the roads every year one by one till all roads look like the one in Florida. This will create more jobs again. All paying for itself. Imagine a state with access to N40 billion just to fix roads yearly.It is not hard to do.

You can make the following using Coconuts:
* Desiccated coconut.
• Coconut Butter, Coconut Cream, Coconut flour.
• Coconut Milk, Milk powder, Coconut Yogurt.
• Virgin Coconut Oil.
• Coconut vinegar.
• Coconut Coir, Coconut pith.
• Coconut wood.
• Coconut Oil.
• Tender Coconut water.
• Coconut Sugar, Coconut Syrup.

What do you think about Aroms’ idea: feasible or idealistic?

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