Nigerians and Love of the Blame Game

Nigerians and Love of the Blame Game

By Kurtis Adigba

Last week, I wrote “ if you are the only citizen of Nigeria, where will the country be”? Characteristically, only four persons liked or commented on it. And this is because it was not a post that was pro or anti-Buhari. It was a piece intended to get us to talk about substantive issue- the roles of citizens in development. It was about getting us to examine our roles in the affairs of our country. I probably asked for too much considering that Nigerians love to play the victims, and blame others for their woes!

As Nigerians, we love to blame everyone else for everything. Husbands blame wives and vice versa, for the family problems. Residents, blame their neighbors and the estate Exco for the dirty environment of their neighborhood. Ward people blame their councilors, local government people blame the chairmen, constituencies blame their house members, representatives, and senators. At the state level, it is the governors. And collectively, we all blame the presidents. From Gowon to Buhari, no president or head of state, ever met our expectations. And to be fair, we can argue that many of these men disappointed us! But is that the whole story? What role did we as citizens play in building our country?

I have always believed that governance is a joint responsibility of the government and the people. I also believe that the best and most effective governance, is self-governance. This simply means, performing your duties to the country lawfully by playing by the rules. It means taking responsibility for things within your control, and managing your resources with proficiency. These are only you can do for yourselves and not government. All the developed countries are what they are through the collective efforts of the governments and citizens. A country where there is no order, nothing will be achieved no matter the laws or rules. And that is what we are seeing in Nigeria!

We all know that there laws against stealing public resources, but we do it hoping that the law will not catch up with us. And if caught, and facing prosecution, we will play the religious and ethnic cards. We all know we should be doing to the best of our abilities the jobs we are paid to do, but we won’t do them until we are incentivized by way of bribe or family support to do our works. And we are the same people complaining about bribery and corruption. We know we should obey simple traffic rules, but we don’t. We clog the roads because we all want to go at the same time. We are the same that will complain about impatience, and the country lacking order. But we caused it!

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, wrote a book titled” We Are The Government”. Yes we are. There is no government without the people. We elect the government, and should support them to succeed by our actions. Some of us are so happy to see government fail,especially, if the government is by people they did not support and vote for. They forget that the failure of government is the failure and suffering of the people!

Many who will read this, will come at me with anger because in their minds, the government should be blamed for everything. The citizens have no blames. So, let me ask here once more: if you are the only citizen of Nigeria, will Nigeria be a great country because of your words and actions?

God bless Nigeria.

Kurtis Adigba is the Principal Partner at Kurtis Adigba and Company.

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