Why Nigerians are Fleeing Nigeria

Why Nigerians are Fleeing Nigeria

That there is a strong desire in many Nigerians to exit the country is not in doubt, this trend started in the 80s, remember the “Andrew, no check out O” line in the song “Nigeria go survive”? The song was released by Veno Marioghae in 1985.

So, we found this interesting question on the popular question and answer website, Quora: Why are Nigerians fleeing Nigeria?

A Nigerian living in Canada since 2012, Uche Metuh, gives a classic answer:

I can’t speak for others but I know why I left.

Apart from some personal reasons, I wanted to get my Masters degree.

I wasn’t going to go back to my undergraduate school. What else would they teach me?

I also wasn’t going to grovel to get other Nigerian universities to accept me.

So I up & left the country.

I didn’t plan to flee the country. I kept an open mind about either countries. I still do.

However, when I graduated, Canada gave me a 3-year work permit.

Before that was up, I had applied to become a permanent resident & it was approved.

I was like, “These people really want me here. Maybe I’ll stay…… for now”

I’m not ignorant about the country’s seemingly ceaseless misfortunes :(. I have a budding project which many Nigerians might benefit from.

About other fleeing Nigerians, I have 1 currently at my place . Here are some of their reasons:

  1. “I want structure & order in my life. Nigeria doesn’t have that nor is she planning for that”
  2. “Nigeria is the land of cunning people. I can’t cope because I have no cunning bone in me”
  3. “The schools are crappy. I can afford better so, BYE!”
  4. “I couldn’t get a job. Let me go hustle in another country”
  5. “Healthcare, security, women’s rights, standard of living are nightmarish experiences. I’m out!”

Fleeing Nigeria isn’t wrong.

I just don’t want those of us who’ve fled to forget the plight of those we left behind.

Another respondent, Ngozi Stanley Obi, an ex-banker turn entrepreneur counters this view stating:

Nigerians are fleeing Nigeria, out of ignorance.

They mistakenly believe that life will be better for them outside Nigeria.

I once met a Chinese doing business in Nigeria, who told me about the numerous opportunities in Nigeria that Nigerians leave to go and risk their lives abroad.

The odd jobs these Nigerians are prepared to do while abroad, they will never consider doing in Nigeria .

While the hardship of recession is challenging, one can still survive with diligence, persistence and careful planning.

Most Nigerians that have travelled abroad before never fall prey to the desperate Atlantic crossings.

The traffickers are brain washing people to believe they can easily pick dollars outside the shores of Nigeria.

We need more awareness and strategies to combat poverty.

So, what do you think? Are you a Nigerian outside Nigeria, why did you leave? Are you planning to leave, why will you leave?


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