A Nigerian Student’s Bleak Forecast for Nigeria in 2017

A Nigerian Student’s Bleak Forecast for Nigeria in 2017

By Festus Ogun

At times like this, it is not very uncommon to see those who claim to be men of God making prophecies about national affairs. Experience has shown that much of those prophecies are pure guess-work or calculative predictions. However, I will not join the bandwagon of these ‘businessmen’ disguising as God’s men, to give prophesies about this New Year. Yet, as a person that has been following national occurrences very closely, I will prefer to rather make my own predictions.

2017 will be a very tough year for Nigerians. Things as we’ve seen last year will get much harder and tougher. This is a year where many will be killed by hunger. This is a year where political rebellions will take over the show. This is a year where many will run away from this country since many may find it very hard to live in it. This is a year where getting daily bread will be synonymous to obtaining a Ph.D.

This is the year where this acclaimed economic recession will bite very harder. We have not experience ‘anything’ in 2016 – that is just a tip of the iceberg. In 2017 Nigeria, death rate will increase. Many will die of minor infections and the government will appear very helpless. This 2017 is the year where many will be forced to drop out of school. This is the year that the rate of divorce we be very high, a year that will inflate the numbers of criminal activities.

Yes! On that criminal activities, many Nigerians will unavoidably turn criminals. Burglary, armed robbery, kidnapping, hire-killing, mob lynching and other criminal activities will overtake the show. See, the rate at which ethnical and religious agitations will take-over everywhere will be surprising. Nigeria will be faced with serious treath of secession – not only from the Igbos this time. Plethora cases of suicidal death will be recorded. Getting a token of 1000 naira will be very hard for an average Nigerian and as a general truth, the gap between naira and dollar will be affectuously wide.

All these do not mean that the normal or usual Nigerian issues –unemployment, non-payment of workers, et al – will not persist. In fact, this year, everything will get worse.

In essence, this year 2017 is going to be both very dense and fibrous. All of us, as a people, must tighten our belts to surmount this serious challenge. There is no way one can escape the lashes of the toughness –though it can be minimized – so, we must just ensure that we double our hustle.

Additionally, we must not jubilate much as we begin this new year. Well, maybe we can only jubilate for God’s protection over us. However, don’t waste your resources over the arrival of the new year. It will come-and-go but you will remain to face the consequences of a very reckless government. This New Year should be a time all of us get into the corner of our room and make sober reflections.

Let me quickly state here that: the reason for all these predictions is not far-fetched since I’m not one of those ‘businessmen’ that claimed to see national revelations. The God I am serving hasn’t revealed anything to me yet. But, I have only drawn my conclusion from my keen observation of the way and manner this government performed in 2016.

It is a truism that the yesterday of a man will in a way or the other affect his tomorrow – same thing with Nigeria. As such, I have discovered that with the way this government has (mis)handled 2016, the country might never get out of this ‘peculiar mess’ it has found herself this New Year - it is no curse. Why? It is simply because this government has not taken any fruitful, convincing or responsible step which will signal an end to this harsh situation. And since ‘nothing’ has been done, the suffering and rigmarole will continue. Simple!

However, I have been taught in my classes that presumptions can be rebutted. The same way, all what I have predicted here can be rebutted if and only if this government changes its direction and pursue other fine ways to achieve this end. This government is in dire need of change to mitigate the effect of its intellectual arrogance; and that is what is killing us. Why can’t the government get other better economic advisers?

We cannot just continue to deceive ourselves. The monkey in Idanre had encountered its death for a very long time. As many will call me unprintable names, I wish to inform them in advance that I may not be too concerned about their comments. The truth is very bitter and many of us are too shy to face the bitter truth. Call me a pessimist, no problem. But, the fact remains that: even when the truth spoken is in the negative, we must not shy away from it. Not shying away from it, thus, should not be mistaken for being a pessimist.

We cannot continue to give ourselves baseless hopes like the other day when we hoped that these men will bring about change. Tell me today, where is the change?

Lastly, the new year is here and we are obliged to live by it. We are left with no choice. But, the jubilation must not be too much since we are entering into a year of perpetual hardship and storm.

I wish you a very rough and tough year ahead.

Festus Ogun is an undergraduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State. Contact him via festusoguntv@gmail.com

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