New Modes of Learning and Teaching for Higher Education

New Modes of Learning and Teaching for Higher Education

By Thomas Goodson

Learning and teaching for higher education is a long-term process which we have to focus and act attentively in every stage. For higher education, one should possess detail regarding particular course and its availability and demand in future. Education is a basic foundation for our future and our life. Through which we can attain our goal and ambitions. It’s really important to be focused and determined in every aspect. Quality of teaching is very important in education. As our education system changes yearly we have to move according to that. It increases the quality of teaching along that quality of learning also developed. Government always adopts new methods and strategies to brighten the future of higher education. Now so many institutions are developed and built to provide a good education for the coming generation. New modes of teaching and learning are adopted to make students attentive and concentrate on their lesson. This will surely help them to improve their basic knowledge and attain their goal. The main challenge is for the teacher to capture the attention of the students and to pass the idea in such way that it should stay in his mind forever. In higher education, the teaching method and classroom environment are completely different as compared to other. So one should be able to catch the idea for that classroom experience should be given .The teacher should encourage students to add their own ideas or share their viewpoints regarding particular topic or incidents. If teaching method is implemented and modified then learning process will be more easy and catchable.

Usage of audiovisual aids will be more effective and easy to operate. As we know visual experience is more effective than hearing experience. When students visually observe and learn through it this will remain in their memory forever. It will make their learning effective and the teacher doesn’t have to worry much about it. Movies, pictures, graphics, models etc can be seen through the use of visual aids it will be a supplement to the textbook. It will also increase the imaginative and creative power in students. It will help them to understand the idea and concept easily and in a better way. To make their hearing skill better and sharp make them hear past historical speech and create some new activity based teaching it will help them to listen between the lines. Daily Classroom learning makes them suffocated so sometimes arrange to learn outside the classroom. Organize some field trip or some one day study tour it will increase their interest in learning and they will focus their mind. Connect your lesson with real-world make them experience new things. Give them a fresh air this will make them more relaxed and exciting this will result in learning faster.

Role play is another way through which we can make children more confident and help them to get out of their comfort zone. It will boost their confidence and develop their interpersonal skills. Teaching should not be a one hand process we should include students also to understand the materialistic and academic process and its complications. Learning becomes easier when you are free minded without any stress and complexity. This attitude can be brought by the teacher. A classroom must not be followed by any rigid rules and regulation. Freedom of express and freedom of speech should be given to students which will make them relax and they will execute sound output. Open minded attitude can help them to share their new ideas and firsthand experience in real life.  Teaching method must be planned flexibly and innovative method must be accepted. When a child shares his ideas, accept it. This will encourage him or her in future. The positive environment must be kept. Appreciate students. Creative teacher makes the best class and as a result, learning will be more effective with standardized output.


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