Why the NBC was Right to Fine Ray Power FM

Why the NBC was Right to Fine Ray Power FM

By Abdulkabir Olatunji 

I am a frequent listener of Ray Power’s ‘Political Platform’ programme and the news that the National Broadcasting Commission has fined the radio station because of the comments made by the presenters.

However, this is not a surprise to me as I had written to the programme in the past to criticize their conduct on a particular episode which was not the only time,  I felt they were being unprofessional.

Please read my email to the political platform crew next:

On Your Analysis of the Federal Government’s Response to Former President Obasanjo’s Letter

I must express my profound respect and appreciation for your programme which I have been listening to for several years now. However, I am shocked at your analysis of the federal government’s response to former president Obasanjo’s letter.

In my opinion, the political platform crew were projecting their bias against the Buhari government and I will tell you how.

Why should the federal government spend its time and resources debating with General Obasanjo when it is ultimately accountable to the Nigerian electorate via election?

He has been duly acknowledged and respected with a dignified response. Anybody expecting the government to start governing based on letters probably needs to be schooled on how democracy works. How many votes does Chief Obasanjo have? The government has its mandate for 4 years and its is only Nigerians that will decide whether or not to renew that mandate not a single individual no matter how much he tries.

Warm regards,
Abdulkabir Olatunji

I must commend the NBC for taking firm action on this matter and I hope they will maintain professionalism as the regulator of the broadcasting industry in Nigeria.

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