‘My Name is Love’ and Other Poems by Odion

‘My Name is Love’ and Other Poems by Odion

My Name is Love

I have acknowledged

My strength

I am that book that is

Worth reading.

I am that life that is

Worth knowing.

I am that sea that is

Worth exploring

I still give a shoulder

To who needs it.

I still give a hug

To the broken.

I still give a smile

To the sad one

My name is care.

My name is happy.

My name is love.

 © Odion Izegwire

This Pain…

This pain I feel

This pain I have accepted

This pain I understand

This pain I can handle

This pain will soon leave

This pain knows I am strong

This pain knows I have inner strength

This pain I will soon laugh at

This pain will soon be a story to tell

This pain will make me a stronger me.

            © Odion Izegwire



You Stabbed Me Where I am Bleeding

As the stabber stabbed again and again

On that spot where I’m already bleeding

As I get another stab to the bone on my ribs

As I get another stab with a syringe

Repeated in my left eye

I say to me,

Do not weep.

I have been stabbed just enough to

Break the skin more often,

That slow pressure

Until there is no blood

Really hurts,

But I say to me,

Do not weep.

Even when that knife is

Plunged into me,

Even when the blood

Refuses to stop gushing,

Even when I get that

Very hard punch,

I still say to me,

Do not weep

I understand this storm

Is mine,

And I am brave enough

To enter it.

I am strong enough to wrap the

Size of my waves in my palms.

I am brave enough to still

Give the stabber a smile.

           © Odion Izegwire


She is Her Own Hero

This heart of hers

Will never hate you,

No matter how much

You hurt it.

She has got so much

Love to give,

So much light

To shine.

She thanks her Lord

For the grace that is

Making her remain kind.

She thanks her Lord

For the heart that is

Making her remain calm.

Her walk,

Full of grace.

Her smiles,

Full of sweetness.

Her life

Full of purpose.

She is always in

Love with her soul

She is thunder

Not the kind you hide from

But the kind you run to

She is blind towards

Hatred and negativity.

She is the light, radiant,

And her heart like

The full moon brimming

On an inclement night.

© Odion Izegwire



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  1. Odion Izegwire at 11:05 AM

    Thumbs up for your good work my brother.

    May the work of your hands be blessed and may your intentions be purified….

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