My Negative Experience at Carlcare Android Service Centre, Abuja

My Negative Experience at Carlcare Android Service Centre, Abuja

By Babatunde Akintunde O’

Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. – Donald Porter

A few weeks ago, my phone stopped charging and eventually crashed, leaving me with no smartphone for 24 hours.

The following day after I made the post, I decided to take the phone to Carlcare service centre, Wuse, Abuja.
I met a fair young lady who penned down my complaints and diagnosed two things wrong with the device:
First, she said the main issue with the phone is the charging port, so I had to pay N600 for the replacement. Secondly, she said the screen is cracked and they’ll have to change the screen before fixing the charging port. I told her the screen, despite being cracked is working perfectly and I don’t have a complain on it. She told me that’s their policy, I must pay for both screen and the charging port. I asked how much for the screen, she said it’s N13,000 - I asked to pay via POS, they explained their POS machine is faulty. I asked: “if I pay for the phone, can I wait to get it fixed?” She said no, I had to come back in four days.

Since I couldn’t bear being without a smartphone phone for another four days due to the kind of work I do, I decided to go get another phone while they fix the faulty one.

I went outside to use the next ATM, withdrew and paid for the screen and charging port. I was given a receipt.
Fast forward to 8 days later, I called the customer care line on the receipt they have to inquire on the status of my phone, If I could come get it.

The phone rang for like 3 times before an unprofessional voice said “hello” from the other end, I quickly introduced myself and asked if I could come get my phone, she said: “Come to our office”. I told her I needed to be sure the phone is ready for collection before coming over, she offered no sensible explanation and shouted at me that I should just come with the receipt to their office.

I picked the receipt and headed to their office, I got there in few minutes and proceeded to the phone collection point, submitted my receipt and waited for like 30 minutes before I was called, I was handed over the phone same way I dropped it for them.

I was mad; “What’s this thrash? Where’s the new screen? What’s with the charging port?” I asked.

She referred me to another lady at the counter, then she said: ‘we haven’t fixed your phone because we discovered what’s actually wrong with your phone is the battery, you have to change it. I asked how much and she said it’s N4,000.

I lamented the poor manner the customer care service was. They simply could have told me when I called earlier that my phone isn’t ready and I will have to pay to replace the battery.

If I had not gotten another phone, I probably would have been disappointed by the clueless mode of operation at the service centre.

I left very angry.

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    • Akintunde at 7:54 PM

      Thank you, I already spoke with your representative earlier today. I collected my phone on Saturday and it’s in good condition now… I will write on my experience with the repaired phone soon..


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