Murphy Ijemba Displaces “Citizen Jones” and Kubanji Direct

Murphy Ijemba Displaces “Citizen Jones” and Kubanji Direct

While we had reported earlier that Murphy Ijemba has made the switch to Max fm 102.3fm, a fallout of this was not mentioned.

Kubanji Direct hosted by veteran journalist Jones Usen popularly known as “Citizen Jones” has been discontinued on the new music-centric successor to Radio Continental 102.3 Fm, MAX Fm. There seems to be no room for Citizen Jones and his programme which focused on discussing current affairs especially politics.

Many loyal listeners were left wondering what happened last night as the programme failed to air at 7pm, its time of broadcast. Instead, it was Murphy Ijemba and his crew doing their thing which many fans of Kubanji Direct would have found to be rather different to the mature discussion they are used to.

Another big change is the discontinuance of Continental Sunrise in the morning on the new Max fm. It does seem that TVC Communications owner of the station is focused on capturing the youthful demographic and is determined to make MAX Fm be known for music as much as Radio Continental was known for talk.

Editor’s Note: Radio Continental Relaunches as MAX 102.3 Fm Lagos

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