5 Most Popular Android Apps for Regular Use in 2018

5 Most Popular Android Apps for Regular Use in 2018

At the start of 2018, there were 2.3 million active Android apps for smartphones, and 3.5 million apps were available on Google Play. Impressive numbers! Not surprisingly, newcomers will lose in particular. That is why we have prepared this article. This does not concern all Android user’s age, business, or social status.

We will not consider paying apps and games in this particular article. There are significant names that qualify for a separate study. We tried to diversify sections, so all five applications are completely different.

1. Social/Contact: Facebook

The world’s leading social network brands reached the 5th place with over 1 billion downloads and the first non-branded product. Facebook does not need a detailed review, right? It manages the news feed, public posts, news, photos, videos, events, groups and more. If you’ve lots of friends, use Facebook. If you do not have friends, you can use it to find some.


  • Facebook Lite is a simplified version of Facebook with its full functionality.
  • Messages to chat with friends and messenger lite individual applications.
  • Another cell-messenger with WhatsApp voice / video calls.
  • Instagram is a number-one network for photo sharing.

Also, Skype is designed by Microsoft and on the 1 billion downloads list. This app is mostly used for video calls. Beyond the above list, you may be interested in Viber, LINE or Snapchat, contact and socialize.

2. News/Magazines: Flipboard

Flipboard is the most popular news collector, which collects data from thousands of social media sites, digital magazines, photo and video sharing networks and other sites. It regulates the packages and allows customized packages for each user to choose interesting topics and resources.


  • Reports add another message to the RSS Feed to show full articles.
  • BuzzFeed is a source of news, humor and seconds … a lot of seconds.
  • Reddit is a news sharing platform, with many title-based subcompacts and communities.

Another top alternative is packet. The app is slightly different from Flipboard because it saves interesting articles, photos, videos, notes and posts. There is a packet suggestions section, which acts as a news coordinator.

3. Optimization Tools: Clean Master

Although this category is very wide, Clean Master surpasses all the alternatives. It’s a garbage cleaning, virus, photo storage, connection protection keeper, battery saver, sport and utility promotion. Clean Master serves as a multi-purpose tool.


  • Dropbox is the final storage and file sharing service, which synchronizes data from all the devices used.
  • Evernote refers to the keeper, calendar, and list for mobile and desktop.
  • LastPass creates and automatically fills your personal passwords for each site you use.

There are also different VPN services, file managers, third-party calendars, calculators, browsers and customizable keyboards, you have to decide what to choose.

4. Photo/Video Editing: VSCO

Pre-installed camera applications are not a good choice when it comes to image quality and, especially, filters. That’s why we recommend VSCO, with 500+ million downloads among other app filters and editing options. VSCO acts as a camera controller.


  • Retrica is a photo editing application that has additional options like stickers, image sharing and news.
  • Snapseed is a full feature tool for professional photo editing.
  • Breeze allows you to create artwork from regular photos.

5. Music/Audio: Spotify

Spotify is a music streaming service that allows free music and allows users to organize their playlists with albums and tracks. It supports offline mode with downloaded tracks, shareable playlists and radio stations. Spotify has a premium version but you can start with the free one.


  • Meworld is another audio distribution and sharing platform for users to compose users from around the world.
  • Shoes is a music-authoring tool that helps you find any song you want.
  • Besides music streaming applications, there are managers like various audio players and MX player. If you’re not comfortable with the built-in products, get it. There are free and paid versions without ads.

Other apps to verify:

There are many apps that smartphone and tablet users use on a daily basis. There are a number of popular categories with great applications, such as:

  • Adobe Services for Android provides a bunch of headlines for document and media editing, which can be synchronized with desktop applications.
  • Microsoft services for Android represent another set of text / media editing, email, online surfing and collaboration applications.

Above all, there are usually Google applications that are normally installed on Android devices, which can be used for storing, editing, and sharing. You can see everything on the developer’s side in the Google Play Store.

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