The Many ‘Sins’ of Buhari’s Government

The Many ‘Sins’ of Buhari’s Government

By Kurtis Adigba

Somehow, I found myself feeling sympathetic with some of our friends on the other side of the political divide. All I did, was to imagine myself wearing their shoes.

Why won’t I feel bad and be bitter against the Buhari government if I was a celebrity car importer making hundreds of millions of Naira as profits because I found ways, and pliable men that allowed me get away without paying import duties? Now, my profits are gone, and my business is almost ruined because I now have to pay import duties. On top of that, the Customs are daily confiscating vehicles that I sold 2 to 3 years ago from their owners for non-payment of import duties, and they are asking me to come and pay and retrieve their vehicles for them, or refund their monies.

Why won’t I be angry with the government when as a Customs officer attached to one of the ports, or land borders, I used to come home daily with not less than N300,000? And I wasn’t stealing from anyone. All I did, was to help in undervaluing some goods that came to my table, and in appreciation, the agent gave me some money as a token of appreciation. I didn’t demand anything from the agent. Friends, is it bad to help another person in need? Now, it is risky to ‘help’ any agent.

Why will I not be upset with this government when as a senior officer in WEAC or JAMB, I made bastard money? Every time we sold forms, I made money so much that I looked forward desperately to the next admission cycle. Then, this yeye government came on board, and now they are telling us that we should collect all the monies and pay into one useless account because of one yeye TSA Policy. Now, things are so bad. I hate this government so bad.

Why shouldn’t I pray for this government to fail? As a the pay officer in my ministry, department, or agency, I had the opportunity and privilege to include fictitious names on the pay roll. At the end of every month, I was making so much money from collecting their salaries. Then this government came to power and started using biometric to pay salaries. When they started with physical screening and verification, it was easy for me to arrange people to attend, but this biometric thing, spoilt everything for me. This government must go.

Why should I not be angry with this government? Is this the change they promised? The change that makes it impossible for me to operate multiple accounts in different banks using fake names. This government did not introduce BVN but because of their wickedness, they started enforcing it. Now, I have accounts with so much money, and I cannot claim ownership because I’m not able to show evidence of how I made the monies in these accounts. I have abandoned them. But I’m so angry with this government.

What do you mean by saying, I hate this Buhari government? Why shouldn’t I? Give me one reason why I should be happy with government. You know me, don’t you? You know that as we speak, the government is owing me millions, and it has refused to pay because it’s claiming that the jobs I did, cannot be found or verified. But you know how we were doing these things, don’t you? It was an arrangee now! They give us award papers, we show up on site, and they pay us 75 %mobilisation fees. We collect and settle. Period. How I wish I got my money before this evil government came! Yes, I’m a member of the ruling party but this is not what I bargained for. How can I spend N320million on my election, and the government is not allowing me to recoup my money? What nonsense is that? I’m more angry that people are even telling lies that I’m making so much money. Under this stingy and wicked man, there is nothing beyond salaries and allowances. All other avenues of making money in the past, are now closed. The most painful thing to me is this Maina man! That man is lucky. Whilst the government is dealing with me and others, Maina, is in self-imposed exile enjoying himself. I’m done, as in done with this government. I can’t wait for 2019 to come fast enough!

Kurtis Adigba is the Principal Partner at Kurtis Adigba and Company

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