6 Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Visitors

6 Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Visitors

Nigerians are generally hospitable people and as such, they feel excited when they find they have to host guests in their homes. Unfortunately, not all Nigerians make a big deal of setting up their homes. As such, while some guests may extend their stay in a home they find alluring and comfortable, others also leave earlier than planned and never return for another visit if they consider the home unappealing.

Basically, an inviting home not only makes visitors’ stay enjoyable and memorable, it helps them feel at home them and lingers in their minds long after they have gone. Jumia Travel shares 6 ways you can make your home more appealing to visitors.

Have an inviting fragrance

The way a house smells says a lot about the people that live in it and goes a long way to determine how comfortable a guest will be while visiting. Inviting smell or neutral smell is quite preferable to bad smell which is quite discouraging. To keep your homes appealing, ensure you remove dirty laundry, and always discard sour food, and the likes. Never try to mask odors, remove them and then replace them with something like a scented candle, e.t.c.

Keep a tidy bathroom

The bathroom/toilet is a very important part of any home as most visitors tend to visit the bathroom to ease them or wash their hands while visiting, especially if they are visiting for a long time. Ensure the bathroom is clean, and smells good with a subtle air freshener. Also make sure there is plenty of toilet paper and a hand towel for guests to dry their hands. There should also be a garbage where those who use the bathroom can discard such items as sanitary pad or soiled sheets.

Give your home a personal touch

Most people will not visit if they feel the house is too formal and gives off a hotel vibe rather than a homey feel. Adding a few personal touches such as flowers, picture frames or a pot plant here and there help add a bit of warmth to the home, making it very inviting and appealing.


No one wants to visit a home that is cramped or choked with so much furniture or items. Oversized or too much furniture, large bench top appliances, and personal items like photographs, CDs, books and magazines should be avoided, and all items no longer needed should be put in storage. A spacious home makes the visitor feel less claustrophobic while visiting.

Use adequate lighting

A well-lit home is far more inviting than a poorly lit one. Ensure you have light at the important areas of your home, especially your house front as the front door is always the main attraction. Also, remove heavy window treatments, shades or blinds that keep the home’s interior dark and dreary and prevent air flow.

Use vibrant Colors

The first thing visitors will notice about any home is the colour of the house or color theme used. To pull your guests in, use vibrant colours, adding fun lighting or a piece of art, or really anything else that will catch attention. Doing this creates a sort of happy feeling  and most visitors would love to stay for a while and get to know your space.

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