How I am About to Make $100 million- Aroms Aigbehi

How I am About to Make $100 million- Aroms Aigbehi

By Aroms Aigbehi

If you want to run a friendly with Usain Bolt they will let you start like 10 second before he starts. But if you blink once he will be right next to you. You don’t have the time in the world to fool around when you are up against lightning Bolt.

It is the same when competing in real life against the rest of the world. they are Usain Bolt and we are the guy with the beer belly. The only way to come out close is to out work them, out pace them and out maneuver them. Unfortunately, African don’t get this.

If the Europeans and Asians are working 10 hours daily, Africans want to do forced labour of 3-4 hours. For us it is all about the money. Africans are some of the most busy people in the diasporas and yet some of the poorest because they don’t understand how things works and most of them don’t want to. They don’t know how to Create Wealth, Keep Wealth and Multiply Wealth. Like I wrote - busy. That was deliberate. Africans are mostly busy pursuing money and at the end they remain poor.

No nation ever gets rich by pursuing money. peopled don’t know this. The British got rich by exploring the world and getting whatever they could find along the way. The Americans got rich by helping Europe to defeat NAZI Germany during world war 2. The Chinese are getting insanely rich by making things the world needs cheaply. What do African do? Nothing. Right now, we are literarily contributing nothing to the world even the minerals we have is dugged out of the ground by foreigners and we will ask them how much they got out. This needs to change because this is keeping all Aficans poorer.

The effort you put at something will always pay off even when it seems to take forever.

I walked the last five years like insanely in Nigeria Agriculture, I didn’t make it in Nigeria, But I didn’t go there to make money. I went to serve people and provide them food. Today, I am talking with presidents of nations to help them grew Agriculture in their respective countries. From fighting to get access to 100 hectares in Nigeria to now having access to over 50,000 hectares with huge potentials. Duty free imports and many other advantages.

Five years from now, I would have added over $100 millions to my asset just in Agriculture and I was not out to make money in the frist place. People will say he was lucky. No luck involved. There is a simple principle in life that says, It takes 5 to 10 years for anything you are doing to become real but you have to do it everyday and outperform every other person. How many People do you know that are doing onething for 10 years even when it is not working?

I out ran, out maneuver and out paced the competition. If you want to succeed big time there is only one way to do it. You have to have work ethics as if you are competing against Usain Bolt because in reality you are competing against Usain bolt of this world.

The Europeans are Usain Bolt, The Chinese are Usain Bolt and the Europeans are Usain Bolt. So what are you going to do about it?


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