Letter to Nigerian Shiites from a Christian

Letter to Nigerian Shiites from a Christian

Dear Shiites,

Saturday, 12 December 2015, was the day those who should protect you, saw you as mannequins used in training and carried out the largest publicly known killing of civilians, by those who should protect you, the Nigerian Army.

What was your crime? You prevented the Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai his right of way, which is really against the law. But yet, this doesn’t warrant the brutal repercussion of your action by the Soliders, who claimed that you attempted to assassinate General Buratai.

The Zaria massacre is now history, but 13 Days to Christmas, 2015 will forever stay in the mind of some of us with the conscience that crime against civilians in any form is absurd and a violation of human right.

Close to 400 of your members were killed, many maimed and abused, a significant number were imprisoned and incarcerated, including your spiritual leader, Mallam Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife that fateful day and days after.

Your Sunni brethren laughs and wished you more harm, rather than sympathize with you, but note, some of those who share the same faith with you and those who are of other faith, are always with you in prayer. We really empathize with you.

Thus, it is your right to protest peacefully and demand the release of your leader and compensation for those killed and abused during the massacre.

This is the best you can do. Never take up arms against the Nigerian state. Don’t allow those who want to hang you further to have reason to do so.

God will comfort you and give your peace. I see the injustice served on you, but the God of Justice will fight your battle.

This is not your battle, but of God.

I am a Christian. Tomorrow will be bright. Today’s pain will be tomorrow’s gain. It is well.

Anjuwon Oluwole. Follow me on twitter @tweetjuwon.

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