Law of Attraction Secret – The Missing Link to Manifesting

Law of Attraction Secret - The Missing Link to Manifesting

Have you been trying Law of Attraction techniques without success?

So you’ve watched a few YouTube videos and read “The Secret” but you can’t seem to manifest anything.

What are you doing wrong?

Unfortunately, many of the books and videos aren’t tapping into the Unified Field discoveries obtained from newest groundbreaking research.

Yes, even “The Secret” book by Rhonda Byrnes does not cover any of these breakthroughs.

In physics, a unified field theory (UFT) is a type of field theory that allows all that is usually thought of as fundamental forces and elementary particles to be written in terms of a pair of physical and virtual fields.

According to the modern discoveries in physics, forces are not transmitted directly between interacting objects but instead are described and interrupted by intermediary entities called fields.

One of the most interesting new approaches to the workings of brain and consciousness has been developed by the Dutch scientist Pim van Lommel.

Starting his career as a cardiologist, he witnessed many baffling occurrences of near-death experiences: patients with cardiac arrests seemed to ‘remember’ with amazing clarity events which had taken place when they had been declared clinically dead.

Pim van Lommel studied this phenomenon systematically for more than 20 years in a wide variety of hospital patients.

He published his findings in the renowned medical journal The Lancet, causing an international sensation both among colleagues and the lay public.

Pim van Lommels take on the unified field of consciousness centers around the concepts of non-locality and interconnectedness:

“The mind seems to contain everything at once in a timeless and placeless interconnectedness.”

The information is not encoded in a medium but is stored non-locally as wave functions in nonlocal space, which also means that all information is always and everywhere immediately available.”

For years you have heard that “everything is connected”.

Now you can discover how your interaction with this connection and the Law of Attraction, practiced the powerful way, can instantly change your manifestations.

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